New Year’s violence in Milan, the number of girls victims of the pack rises to 9

New Year’s violence in Milan, the number of girls victims of the pack rises to 9
New Year’s violence in Milan, the number of girls victims of the pack rises to 9

Milan, 10 January 2022 – Rooms from five to nine the number of victims of the group attacks that took place on New Year’s Eve in Piazza Duomo a
Milan. The Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, investigating for group sexual assault together with the Mobile team, he identified four young girls in addition to those involved in the three known episodes in which the girls were subjected to severe abuse and harassment, some shots on video rather shocking.

The news comes right at the end of the summit in the Prosecutor’s Office between the adjunct Letizia Mannella, the prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo and the agents of the mobile squad led by the manager Marco Calì to take stock of the first results of the investigations on what happened shortly after midnight on January 1st in Piazza Duomo.

Three different groups, police at work for identification

According to initial information, and thanks to the work of the investigators of via Fatebenefratelli who are analyzing frame by frame the images recorded by the surveillance cameras and the amateur videos circulated on social networks (and acquired by the police), to act would have been three more groups of young people – all foreigners – who acted in different points (but always in the center) in an uncoordinated way but in the same way: to surround and harass, with the strength of the pack, girls who were in the center to celebrate the end of the year . Not only that: all the victims were also robbed. Now the police are trying to identify, through the videos, the perpetrators of the attacks. It is not excluded that the identification work will soon give results.

The episodes

The first to end up in the viewfinder was a nineteen year old resident outside the city, attacked on the side of Via Mazzini by about thirty people and groped, before being rescued by one of the ready-to-use nuclei located there by the Prefecture and Police Headquarters in an anti-gathering key. Then it was the turn of a nineteen year old from Milan, surrounded in the same way while he was in the company of three friends, harassed, pushed hard and stolen from her purse with his personal effects. In this context, too another girl would have been attacked.

And then there are the two German students, who, as documented by a video and reported by the victims in the complaint filed upon returning to Germany in Mannheim, they were pressed against the barriers and groped, before being able to struggle away from the crowd to take refuge behind a cordon of military personnel from Finance.

The dramatic testimony

“My friend and I were looking around, there were fireworks and music. At one point, I felt they were touching me and we wanted to escape, but there were too many people, we couldn’t leave. My friend fell, they kept pushing us very aggressively and at one point I felt hands all over the place, even inside my bra, which was practically ripped off. “ Mobile specialists are also sifting through social networks, looking for elements that can put them on the trail of the members of one or more bands, which they risk having to answer for the accusation of group sexual assault.

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