the terror story of the 19-year-old

the terror story of the 19-year-old
the terror story of the 19-year-old
from Pierpaolo Lio

The story of the girl attacked: «I thought they were going to rob me and I gave the bag. They were violent, I got scared and started screaming. ” Other episodes arise: two foreigners among the victims. The Prosecutor’s investigation widens

It’s just after half past one. The last aftermath of the second New Year is staged in Piazza Duomo Milanese from the Covid era. Behind the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, the shields of the police in riot gear have just snatched a girl from the tangle of arms and hands that had trapped and overwhelmed her. She is upset, in tears. The young woman is a 19-year-old off-site student. He has a red down jacket, the sweater is torn in the armpit.

19-year-old girl attacked by the pack in Piazza Duomo in Milan

He tries to get rid of the fear and disgust of those hands he felt on him, and retraces those fifty seconds of terror also documented by a video on social media relaunched by the «Milanobelladadio» page: «They seemed to be joking – he will tell later still between sobs -. But then someone yanked me hard. They got violent. I thought they were going to rob me and I gave them the bag. But they didn’t leave me. I got scared and started screaming ». A friend hugs her, tries to calm her down. They had come to celebrate with friends. They were sucked into the throng together, at a time when they had strayed from their group to go to the toilet. At least thirty children, many foreigners. One of the two girls managed to get out thanks to the intervention of a friend who forced his way through the wall of bodies. The 19-year-old wasn’t quite as lucky. In the video she is seen tossed by the group of attackers, who sway, tug her, put their hands on her. She is afraid of being dragged away, tries to wriggle away, screams, asks for help.

Suspicion of two other abuses

On the attack, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a group sexual assault file. The men of the Mobile team, led by Marco Calì, are sifting through the video footage of the cameras to identify the members of the group. The “weak bands” pool, coordinated by the adjunct Letizia Mannella, will listen to the 19-year-old again in the coming days. Meanwhile, the investigations are also extended to other alleged abuses that would have occurred in the same way. A couple of complaints are being considered, in addition to the case documented by Thursday’s video Alanews, which shows before midnight two foreign girls surrounded by numerous young people. They are frightened, in tears, pressed against the barriers, they try to keep them at a distance, they cry for help. A few seconds of fear before a guy steps in and takes them out of the crowd.

From living room to saloon

The violence on the 19-year-old is the most serious episode of a night of excess, with barrages of barrels despite the order, and a handful of robberies and fights, like the one, not far from the square, which saw an 18 year old injured in the head by a bottle. While the families strolled through the windows of the Gallery, many young people gathered in the square. Many have come from outside, already high before countdown midnight. They are kids between 15 and 20 years old, which every Saturday gravitate behind the Loggia dei Mercanti, a few meters from the place of violence. They are often young people born in Italy to immigrant families, the second generations, who flock to the outdoor tables of fast food restaurants from the suburbs and the hinterland. A glimpse of a “living room” which in this long interlude of coexistence with the virus has sometimes turned into a “saloon”: fights between dozens of very young people, with chairs and bottles flying among the tourists. The alarm has already sounded several times. The presence of the police is constant. The Municipality, together with the Anpi, had bet on the redevelopment of the Loggia, but the situation is struggling to improve.

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