The former toga, the port, the former 5-star. No Pass traveling from Venice to Rome

The former toga, the port, the former 5-star. No Pass traveling from Venice to Rome
The former toga, the port, the former 5-star. No Pass traveling from Venice to Rome

The last frontier of the no green pass is a march towards Rome. Strictly on foot, since without the super green pass from 10 January it is not possible, among other things, to get on public transport. They left Venice on January 6, “taking up the baton of the Magi”, to quote – verbatim – the words of the organizer of what is called the “March of liberties”. This is Paolo Sceusa, a former magistrate. Reading his curriculum vitae, it turns out that he spent ten years as prosecutor in Trieste, then he became a civil judge and, since 2009, he has been president of the Juvenile Court of Friuli Venezia Giulia. He ended his career in 2020, again at the juvenile court, but in Trento. Appesa la toga al chiodo deals with training – also in collaboration with the Higher School of the Judiciary – and dedicates himself, with a certain constancy and a good dose of rhetoric, to the no green pass cause.

The latest found, a few days after the introduction of the vaccination obligation for the over 50s, is this march that – he claims – he would have done even alone. The walk is on its second day. She left this morning from Dolo for Padua, along the Brenta cycle path. Not all, however, managed to reach their destination according to the set times, because at the gates of the city the police identified some of them, thus partially dispersing the group.

The news of the blockade of the police has sparked the ire of some users of the Telegram group – which has almost 20 thousand subscribers – in which Sceusa sends all the information on the journey. Real-time location included. “They believe the SS on duty only because they are the lords of Rome”, is one of the reaction comments to the news of the presence of the police. “It is certainly a colleague of yours who sent them to block them,” another user tells the former magistrate.

A group of people is traveling with Sceusa – a few hundred, in the moments of greatest influx – which widens and shrinks according to the route. The former toga had invited everyone to wear yellow or orange jackets, “the colors of the sun” or better, and he will specify it himself a few seconds later, the only way to be seen on the street if – as per his prescriptions – you walk in line for two along a route that can also be done by car or by bike.

An exceptional partner in this journey, the details of which are revealed with precision day by day, is Stefano Puzzer, leader of the port of Trieste, known for the animated protests in the capital of Friuli Venezia Giulia. On his social networks he shows clips of the trip, which he is facing today “after five aspirins and two sachets of magnesium and potassium”.

Many on Telegram ask the caravan how it is organized for the night. The answer is obtained by scrolling through the chat. There are those who offer hospitality in their homes, those who invite participants to bring a sleeping bag – an expedient that is not exactly practicable on winter nights – and those who hope for hotels that do not ask for a green pass. Perhaps precisely because they are managed by no vax. Also part of the group Massimo Enrico Baroni, former M5s deputy, who in the biography of Twitter is classified as “vaccinated no green pass”, also called to mediate when the police blocked the demonstrators.

The slogans are the usual. First of all: “People like us never give up”, adopted as an anthem during the Trieste protests. Those who follow the group from Telegram strengthens the walkers with phrases like: “We are with you. May this wave of spirituality and good sweep away evil “. There are those who then suggest replacing the word rotten – a bit too evocative if the destination is Rome – with the term pilgrimage, and those who appeal to jurists and lawyers: “Square up and bury this caste of corrupt in the pay of the evil one that is destroying the country ”, is the textual quote from one of the comments. The second day of this unique march ends in Prato della Valle, the well-known square of Padua. But, looking at the images that run on social media as sunset approaches, the mission seems to have been only partially successful. The participants are not as many as the organizers were hoping for. Accomplice, they say, the blockade of the police.

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