Covid quarantine in Emilia Romagna, free tampons in the pharmacy to get out of isolation

Covid quarantine in Emilia Romagna, free tampons in the pharmacy to get out of isolation
Covid quarantine in Emilia Romagna, free tampons in the pharmacy to get out of isolation

Bologna, 7 January 2022 – While Emilia Romagna is officially in the yellow zone (here the rules from Monday 10 January), the reservations for third doses for 12-15 year olds who have received the second for at least four months, while the over 50 they will be able to vaccinate without reservation in hubs in view of the introduction (for them) of the obligation of immunization against Covid. It’s still: quick swabs at the pharmacy for those who are asymptomatic (paid by the national health service) to get out of quarantine, isolation and in case of positivity of a classmate starting from Monday 10 January. Finally, the activation, from Monday 17, of a regional online portal for self-testing, in which to insert the positivity of a do-it-yourself tampon. Here are the main measures presented today at a press conference by the regional councilor for Health, Raffaele Donini, to face the fourth wave of the pandemic a few days from the entry of Emilia-Romagna in the yellow zone.

The new rules on quarantines. “The swab only for the symptomatic” – Covid, positive swab: what to do and how long the isolation lasts

“We have an incidence of positives never seen before, a massive circulation of the virus, with the Omicron variant now at 70% – confirms Donini -. Today there are 17,119 new cases of Covid, we expect a further hike ahead of the peak in two to three weeks. The data on hospital admissions that we have sent to the ministry have brought us to the yellow zone since Monday ”.

Hence the introduction of the measures mentioned at the beginning, including the use of those quick swabs which, however, are not always 100% reliable. “In war, you shoot with cannons and rifles – is Donini’s war metaphor -. We are the region that does the most molecular tests, but we also use the rapid ones. It is a period of maximum incidence of viral circulation: there may be a false negative, but the positives are certain “.

In the meantime, today thousands of students in Emilia-Romagna are back in the classroom. “The Regions had asked the CTS about the impact of the reopening of schools – recalls the commissioner -. We take note of the decisions of the Government. Certainly we had not asked to do the t0 and the t5 (the buffer system that brings or not the classes in quarantine, ed), but we had offered a realistic picture of the situation “.

Quick swab at the pharmacy for closing the quarantine

Thanks to the agreement with the pharmacy associations, from Monday 10 January in Emilia-Romagna people without symptoms Covid 19 can go to the partner pharmacies to perform the rapid nasal antigen test. They will be able to do so as long as they fall within the following cases: for carry out a control screening or, if asymptomatic and in quarantine for having had close contact with a Covid case, for close the quarantine period itself (within 24 hours they will automatically receive the report of the case closure and reactivation of the Green pass from the health company). If the test is positive for these people, they will be able to carry out the rapid nasal antigen test at the pharmacy after 10 days. for the closure of the period of isolation o after 7 days in the case of a person vaccinated with a third dose (booster), who has completed the primary course or has recovered from Covid, always for less than 4 months. And tampons performed by quarantine or isolation are paid by the Health Service.

The agreement with the pharmacies also includes a point relating to schools. In fact, they will be able to do the rapid antigen test first and second grade secondary school students in whose class a Covid case has occurred, at the request of the general practitioner or pediatrician. In particular, they will be able to take the first test when the presence of a positive is detected and the second test five days after the first. The buffer will be borne by the commissioner.

Self-test: immediate start of the quarantine with the quick test done by you

Per people who have performed the antigen test themselves quick nasal at home, in case of positive outcome there will be the possibility of register on a special portal of the Region – active from January 17the results of the self-test, immediately starting the period of isolation. In this case, only one of the rapid tests valid in the pharmacy can be used. Furthermore, the people who will be able to resort to this opportunity will have to fall into the following cases: have already received the second vaccination dose, regardless of the date of administration; have activated the Electronic health record (ESF) or, in the case of minors, be associated with the parent’s ESF.

The result will be uploaded through inserting the photo with the test result, the choice of the test used from the list of valid ones, information on the behavior to be followed in the event of the onset of symptoms, information on the type of certificate that will be sent to the ESF by the Public Health Departments. The people who will be able to do the self-test in Emilia-Romagna are about 2.5 million, all those that is have completed the primary vaccination course. In this way, it will be impossible to self-test for those who did not want to vaccinate for contrary to the procedure.

Off to third doses for 12-15 year olds

In Emilia-Romagna, third doses are also available for the 12-15 age group for girls and boys who have completed primary school for at least four months. It’s possible book from tomorrow, Saturday 8 January. The premium administrations they will start on Monday 10. A further enlargement, after the third dose for 16-17 year-olds and frail 12-15 year-olds was launched last December 27. The new recipients of the ‘booster’ recall are defined by a circular from the Ministry of Health, which was followed by a communication from the Regional Department of Health Policies which clarified additional operational aspects to the Health Authorities. The vaccine planned for the third booster dose in these categories will be Pfizer Biontech’s Comirnaty.

Reservations are always open through the usual channels: Cup, Cupweb, Cuptel, Electronic health records, ER-Health app, farmaCUP counters; are also provided further modalities that the health authorities will communicate on their respective territories.

(Attached, the specifications relating to the agreement with pharmacies for carrying out rapid antigenic tests)

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