Milan caregiver agency: how to find serious and specialized assistance for the elderly at home

This is not new: the Italian population is getting older, with a growing demographic recession. According to the latest ISTAT data, in 2020 there were 5.1 elderly people for each child, a figure unfortunately destined to get worse.

In the last forty years, the population over 65 has in fact almost doubled and, on the other hand, welfare has not followed the pace. It is therefore not surprising that the demand to find carers who can provide elderly care at home has also grown dramatically.

In fact, more and more families decide to rely on carers to take care of their loved ones. However, it is not always easy to find home assistance in Milan or in other Italian cities, without the risk of running into unskilled personnel or worse, not very serious.

Home care for the elderly Milan: caregivers agency or not?

Usually, the children or close family members of the elderly are looking for an hourly or permanent caregiver in Milan. In fact, often, due to work or family commitments, geographical distance or lack of time, many people are unable to assist as their elderly or no longer self-sufficient parents would like. In many cases, at least initially, the elderly’s family members decide to independently search for a caregiver, relying above all on Google and other search engines. But it’s not that simple: getting lost in the jungle of “looking for a caregiver in Milan” is very easy. And, interview after interview, it often happens to not be able to identify the right profile of the caregiver who will have to offer home care in Milan to their parents. In fact, no advertisement is able to provide the guarantee of a person’s seriousness and professionalism or to attest to his real skills. Thus, since home care for the elderly in Milan, as well as in the rest of Italy, cannot be entrusted to a stranger, a valid solution is to contact a Milan caregiver agency.

Relying on a Milan caring agency: the advantages

If you want more guarantees of reliability and trust, it is preferable to select the best caregiver for your needs through an agency. In fact, there are elderly home care agencies in Milan, such as “Assistance with Care”, which bridge the needs of families looking for someone who can help their parent at home and carers who offer their experience and professionalism. “Assistance with Care” will in fact select a referenced caregiver, identified on the basis of the characteristics of the person to be assisted.

In fact, an agency of caregivers in Milan will carry out a preventive investigation on the person and his way of working, saving valuable time to the elderly’s family, which will be able to evaluate only the most suitable candidates for their needs.

Not all cases are the same, there are self-sufficient elderly people who only need help to carry out normal daily activities, and others instead who unfortunately are no longer so and need more care, as in the case of people with senile dementia or Alzheimer’s . In the first case, a home help may be sufficient, while in the second a specialized and referenced caregiver will be needed, so that the sick and the family can receive the best answer to their needs.

In addition to the reliability aspect, a caregiver agency will also guarantee a wide range of solutions. Whatever the need, it will therefore be easier to find the right service for your case.

Caregiver in Milan: fixed or by the hour?

A caregiver agency in Milan can offer different solutions for home care of the elderly, tailoring the services. Among those most requested in Milan are: the live-in caregiver, a professional figure who lives together with the client and is available 24 hours a day, ideal for all non self-sufficient people or who need a constant presence; the hourly caregiver, who helps the elderly with a flexible amount of hours, which will be used as needed, a service suitable for self-sufficient people who, however, need help to carry out some daily activities; the night caregiver, who provides assistance from eight in the evening to eight in the morning; and finally the housekeeper or the maid, who takes care of the daily cleaning of the house and the preparation of meals. In fact, a caregiver is not always necessary, sometimes a housekeeper may be enough to help the elderly to carry out the housework. “Assistance with Care” is in fact also a housekeeping agency in Milan.

Once “Assistance with Care” has been contacted, and the needs of the family and the elderly have been defined, the agency itself will suggest the best professional profile for your needs.

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