The “perfect storm” that can hit Italy

The “perfect storm” that can hit Italy
The “perfect storm” that can hit Italy

the businesses Italians are experiencing a period of serious crisis that threatens to stop their production. Among the reasons there is not only the increase in infections due to the Omicron variant which keeps more and more workers in quarantine or isolation at home. But also the lack of raw materials, the skyrocketing prices of electricity and gas and of course the super green pass.

This last measure on the government table provides that a tampon is no longer enough to go to work. However, this means putting companies and businesses in difficulty as they find themselves having to look for substitutes between unavailable labor and workers with unsuitable qualifications. Given the situation, none of these disputes the super green pass. On the contrary, all the trade associations say they are in favor. However, some remain doubtful. Many invoke, first of all the trade unions, the vaccination obligation to be extended for all Italians. “Shooting cannot be turned off“, he claims Confindustria. However, the situations are different from North to South, between large and small companies.

It North

The president of Confindustria Piemonte, Marco Gay, declared that the vaccination obligation is the best solution to work as it guarantees to do so in maximum safety. Therefore, he does not say he is in the least afraid of the possible problems that the super green pass could give. “We are much more concerned about the scarcity of raw materials and the increase in energy and gas“, Gay always explains.

Less confident is the president of Confindustria Emilia-Romagna, Pietro Ferrari who, on the other hand, explains that since January 10 there will be production problems that are not insignificant. This is because in addition to scarce raw materials, skyrocketing energy prices and the shortage of skilled labor, two problems are added: the high number of positive or quarantined workers and the Super Green Pass. “The No vax are quite limited in number, but it will not be easy to find equally specialized substitutes. Rather we fear the high number of people who will have to confine themselves and the long times to get certifications and swabs to return to work“, says Ferrari. And he adds:”The chaos is increasing. And on some production lines, if two key people are missing, everything stops. In manufacturing we will have inevitable problems of staff reduction, given that smart working is impracticable“.

He South

Antonio Ferraioli, president of Confindustria Salerno, says he is in favor of compulsory vaccination. “In my company the no vaxes are 1% and even in local companies the percentage is still low – declares – the small ones will certainly have more problems covering staff without a Pass. But I am convinced that the obligation of reinforced certification will break down the hard core of the opposites and will push the still doubtful workers to get vaccinated.“.

Even more firm on the vaccine is Sergio Fontana, president of Confindustria Puglia who states that workers have the right to work “in a serious and safe place“and the only winning weapon is”the vaccine“. For this the Pass”it’s a godsend“.

Confimprese and Confesercenti

Absences are a problem right now due to the exponential growth of infections. For this Mario Resca, president confirm, is of the idea that the super pass should be started earlier. “The Draghi government had started well to manage the phase of the pandemic with the arrival of vaccines. But then he was held hostage by politics and parties and now the situation really seems out of control“, declares Resca. And adds:”The obligation to vaccinate is the only way not to block the economy. We in the retail sector need workers in attendance. For this we ask the government to be unpopular and to decide for the obligation“.

Mauro Bussoni, general secretary of Confesercenti, says he is in favor of the super green pass if it is needed to keep businesses open. At the same time, however, he explains that it will not be a painless move and that it will have an impact on the organization of work. “This is why we ask the government to find simplified solutions, because the quarantine boom has already emptied the workforce. An even more restrictive measure could make the situation complex and difficult to manage“.

Artisans, cooperatives and transport

Marco Granelli, president of Confartigianato, is in favor of the vaccination obligation (more than the introduction of the reinforced pass). This is because it could be a decision that penalizes small businesses that marginally use smart working and suffer from the difficulty of finding labor.

At the same time it is a choice of “unavoidable responsibility“. Because of this “we ask to be vigilant to avoid disparities and discrimination between Italian and foreign workers, especially in road transport and cross-border activities“.

Much more critical of the super green pass is Mauro Lusetti, president of Legacoop, as it considers it “half a measure” because of this “compulsory vaccination is necessary for all“.

Paolo Uggè, president of Conftransport, he too insists not to open the way for a disparity between Italian and foreign workers. “Those who enter Italy must produce the certificate certifying the vaccination, the rule must apply to everyone”.

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