Sara’s latest shocking message: “A walking dead …”

Sara’s latest shocking message: “A walking dead …”
Sara’s latest shocking message: “A walking dead …”

It was filed in court in Trento by the family’s lawyer Pedri, Nicodemo Gentile, the expert opinion on the psychological conditions of Sara Pedri, the 31-year-old young gynecologist from Santa Chiara who mysteriously disappeared on March 4th in Trentino. In the document there are also the messages that the woman had written shortly before disappearing into thin air, leaving no trace. Suicide seems to be the most accredited hypothesis at this point. We recall that the doctor’s car was found near the Santa Giustina bridge, the last place Pedri searched on the web on the morning of her disappearance. A place well known to those who want to end it all.

La Pedri: “I’m a walking dead”

The Trento Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into alleged mistreatment of the former head of gynecology of Santa Chiara, Saverio Tateo, who in the meantime was fired by the health authority after the pronouncement of an internal commission, and at the expense of Tateo’s deputy, Liliana Mereu, who has been transferred to another post. The 119-page report contains the last thoughts that gripped Sara’s mind, the messages sent to her boyfriend and father. To the first he had written:“I am a dead man walking, this time I will not make it”. While to the father: “I apologize for the disappointment I have caused you”. Sara who lived between Forlì, Ferrara and Catanzaro was sunny and happy, very different from that Sara who had moved to Trento and who had psychological distress within her, a disturbance due to bullying and to the harassment to which she was subjected in the workplace, as hypothesized by Dr. Gabriella Marano, clinical and forensic psychologist, in the psychological autopsy performed on commission by the Pedri family. The problems accused in the gynecology and obstetrics department of the Trento hospital would have damaged his mental health.

Frequent and intimidating attacks

Investigators analyzed more than 20,000 messages, screened the 31-year-old’s computer several times and listened to about fifteen people. The report states that the gynecologist at the Trento hospital “She found herself like a lamb in the midst of wolves, and ended up being torn apart by the violence of those who attacked her”. It is also underlined that she was the victim of ‘quick mobbing’, that is particularly frequent and intense attacks. Other Pedri colleagues had reported the harassment in recent months. From these testimonies the investigation opened by the prosecutor. According to biased advice some behaviors would have been capable of “To create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive climate around Sara, which, given the exceptionality and violence of the scale, undermined her balance in just over 3 months, generating a real disturbance in her” . In the operating room, the 31-year-old would also have received a slap on the hand,“Action probably traumatizzante, which then began a descent into hell ”.

We still read in the report that “The working condition dragged the young woman into a critical situation: in the throes of a real psychic torment, living now caused her pain”. We therefore speak of post traumatic stress disorder “With recurrent symptoms also attributable to depersonalization”. With her arrival in Trento Sara would have developed ideas of suicide and to her family, and to her friend Celeste, she had confided in February that she wanted to disappear. The girl “He was inappetent, he had tachycardias, tremors, he hugged his belly”. The beginning of the collapse, continued with his discharge on 3 March and ended with his disappearance the following day. For Dr. Marano every element of the psychological autopsy “Suggests, with a probability rate unfortunately close to certainty, that Sara Pedri has committed suicide”. The first hearing with the probative incident and the hearing of some witnesses is scheduled in Trento for next 7 February.

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