The “retro” bandit with the revoler and the 14 robberies in less than two months

When the cops noticed him running out of the supermarket, they knew they had hit the mark. They followed him without ever losing sight of him, they saw him enter a bar for a few moments and as soon as he returned to the street they blocked him. Going without fail. A 52-year-old man – BR, Italian, with a history behind him – was arrested on Monday morning in Milan on aggravated robbery charges immediately after a raid hit inside a supermarket in Via Millelire.

Video | The blitz in the supermarket with the revoler

He was framed by the agents of the VI section of the mobile squad, led by Marco Calì and Massimiliano Mazzali, who for a few days had been behind the 52-year-old, who was released from prison last May after ending up in a cell for another robbery. For weeks, in fact, investigators had been focusing on a series of 14 blitzes carried out between supermarkets and pharmacies in the west of Milan, all with the same and identical modus operandi. The bandit, according to the reconstructions of the police headquarters, entered the premises with a mask on his face and a hood pulled down on his head, pretended to buy something, went to the cash desks to pay and as soon as the employee opened the drawer he showed a long-barreled revolver and was given cash.

Thanks to the data put together by “Key crime”, the software of the anti-crime division able to find common points between the various robberies, the policemen have arrived at a seriality renamed “retro”, both for the not very young age of the framed criminal. from the images of the cameras of the burglarized shops, and from his habit of forcing the victims to follow him in the back to guarantee an easier escape route. Continuing to monitor the shots, the turning point came on December 31st, when the retro bandit got back into action and hit a supermarket in the Bonola area.

There, his car – a Kalos – was picked up by the electronic eyes, which gave the agents an even more concrete trace from which to start. Deepening the investigations on the car, the policemen arrived at the 52-year-old and began to keep an eye on him. So, when he landed the blitz in via Millelire on Monday, the investigators were out waiting for him. After the raid, the man stopped in a bar in via Inganni – not far from his home – and as soon as he left he was stopped.

He was still wearing the 600 euros he had just robbed in the supermarket, but not the gun – which later turned out to be a scacciacani -, which was found hidden in a planter in the inner courtyard of the bar, a place that the 52-year-old evidently used as a safe place to leave the weapon. . The robber was then arrested red-handed and taken to jail. The investigations are now continuing to verify whether – as it seems – there is always his signature on the 14 hits that took place between November and December 2021. The “hand”, recognized by the “Key crime”, would seem to be that of the retro bandit.

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