Elio Germano in So it is (or I think), a virtual reality show

Milano – From 10 to 30 January 2022 in the Sala Café Rouge del Franco Parenti Theater in Milan the show goes on stage So it is (or I think), by and with Elio Germano. Elio Germano is joined on the stage by Gaetano Bruno, Serena Barone, Michele Sinisi, Natalia Magni, Caterina Biasiol, Daniele Parisi, Maria Sole Mansutti, Gioia Salvatori, Marco Ripoldi, Fabrizio Careddu, Davide Grillo, Bruno Valente, Lisio Castiglia, Luisa Bosi, Ivo Romagnoli, and with the participation of Isabella Ragonese and Pippo Di Marca.

Milano – Elio Germano rewrites So it is (if you like) by Luigi Pirandello in virtual reality. Through headphones e viewers, the audience is no longer in the theater, but inside the luxurious apartment where the story takes place, more precisely inside the body of one of the characters, who sees and hears everything. Through simultaneous viewing the spectator finds himself immersed in the same story that the others are witnessing, but he can choose where and what to watch: a unique experience of its kind, which perfectly adheres to Pirandello’s reflection on the conflict between reality and appearance. So it is (or I think) the text of the Sicilian playwright falls in modern society, where to spy the other is even simpler thanks to the use of new media.

Milano – The show is staged in the following timetables: Monday 10 to 19.30; Wednesday 12th at 8.15pm, Thursday 13th at 9.15pm; Friday 14th at 8.15pm; Saturday 15 at 8.15 pm; Sunday 16 at 4.45pm; Wednesday 19 at 8.15 pm; Thursday 20 at 9.15 pm; Friday 21 to 8.15pm; Saturday 22 at 8.15 pm; Sunday 23 at 4.45 pm; Monday 24 at 19.30; Wednesday 26th at 8.15 pm; Thursday 27th at 9.15 pm; Friday 28th at 8.15 pm; Saturday 29 at 8.15 pm; Sunday 30 at 4.45pm. Tickets 15 euros + presale rights. For info and reservations contact the ticket office of the Franco Parenti Theater by calling the number 02 59995206 or away email.

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