Covid Milan, queuing for a swab: journey to hell – Chronicle

Covid Milan, queuing for a swab: journey to hell – Chronicle
Covid Milan, queuing for a swab: journey to hell – Chronicle

Milan – “The queue for the tampon at the San Paolo starts from via Voltri”. “12 o’clock, here is the roundabout in via De Pretis”. Pictures and videos show cars lined up in a snake that exceeds a kilometer and a half in length. Here we go again. Past New Year and Sunday, the swab hunt begins again: in line there are mainly families and individual citizens who had positive results over the Christmas period and that they must access the test to get out of quarantines, but also symptomatic. Someone with a reservation in hand, others only with a doctor’s prescription or with Ats’ instructions, or without anything. Situation-photocopy at San Carlo, where the queue of cars begins in via Pio II, continues in via Venegoni and extends to via Cardinale Tosi. At the drive-throuhg Trenno, in via Novara, the external row is flowing but citizens report problems with access to tampons (unlike vaccines).

“We have made the swab at the San Paolo after 8 hours of queuing. In the car it was me, my wife and our 5 children. At one point my wife gave up and went home with 4 children, because the situation was unbearable “, a father attacks. At the San Carlo, at 12.30, those who are well advanced in the queue say they arrived at 7.” I have covered one kilometer and 200 meters, I hope to be able to make it by the afternoon. I am ashamed of this Italian system“, comments Calogero Montalbano.” I have been in the queue for more than 5 hours: will I be able to access the test? I need it to get out of quarantine, I have Ats’s letter here and the doctor’s prescription. I am an osteopath, at the moment I had to suspend my activity “, explains another citizen in the queue. Gregorio Mercurio, 56-year-old father, reveals that” this is my third trip in a week, to accompany daughters and wife who are in quarantine closure. It’s normal? There is not even a chemical bathroom. What is the way to manage the situation, after almost two years of pandemic? “. From via Novara (Trenno Drive-through) at 11.40 some citizens report difficulties in accessing the pads due to the reduction of dedicated lines.

From Asst Santi Paolo and Carlo reply that “in via Novara (where there are medical personnel from the Asst and the Army, ed) tomorrow (today for the reader, ed) the 4 usual lines will double and become 8. At San Carlo and San Paolo we have 3 dedicated lines, in each facility, active until 9 pm, and we proceed with over 2,000 tampons a day in total, in the three sites. It means 12 per hour at San Paolo and San Carlo and 15 at Trenno. Reservations are all handled quickly “.

The president of Municipality 6 Santo Minniti also spoke on Facebook: “As promised, together with the councilor for Welfare Lamberto Bertolè, I met the Ats management regarding the situation of queues at San Paolo. To cope with the huge increase in requests for tampons the year was insuredsoon to activate other points in the city. The aim is to double the active buffer lines within a few days “.

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