Citizenship income, the innovations introduced by the Maneuver

Change the Citizenship Income. With the definitive approval of the Maneuver, a series of revisions and corrections to the measure introduced by the first Conte government arrived, with the aim of putting a brake on the crafty ones of the subsidy who receive it without being entitled to it.

Many changes to the Citizenship Income: from the revocation after the second refusal of a job to the transfer of the check, up to the more stringent controls and the abolition of navigators.

Citizenship income, when the check is cut

If a suitable job offer is rejected, the amount of the allowance is reduced. This is the so-called decalage: the subsidy (maximum 780 euros) is cut by 5 euros for each month starting from the month following the one in which a suitable offer was refused.
The reduction is interrupted when a family member starts an employee or self-employed activity for at least one continuous month: from the following month the allowance returns to be determined in the ordinary manner.

Citizenship income, when the revocation is triggered

When the second suitable job offer is rejected, the subsidy comes revoked (today this happens at the third rejection).

It is also reduced, for the congruity of the first offer, the maximum distance from the beneficiary’s residence from 100 to 80 km (however reachable within the maximum limit of 100 minutes by public transport), while the second can be located anywhere in Italy. This rule is applicable in the specific case of a fixed-term or part-time employment relationship.

If, on the other hand, it is a second offer – and unless there are disabled people in the family unit – the offer must be considered adequate wherever placed in the Italian territory (in this case the discipline coincides with what is currently foreseen for the third offer).

Citizenship income, mandatory interviews and checks once a month

The active job search is verified at the employment center through face-to-face interviews, at least monthly; in case of no-show without proven justified reason, the forfeiture of the benefit is applied.

The assessment and not only the recognition of the benefit, as currently envisaged, by INPS, must take place by the end of the month following the transmission of the application to the Institute.
In addition, INPS, municipalities and the national registry of the resident population must cross-reference the data available to each institution in the phase of verification of applications for access to the benefit.

Citizenship income, the obligations of the Pact for social inclusion

Those who are included in the Pacts for social inclusion are obliged to go to the anti-poverty services at least once a month in order to verify the results achieved and respect the commitments undertaken as part of the personalized project.
In case of no-show without proven justified reason, the forfeiture of the benefit is applied.

Citizenship income, municipalities must employ earners

As part of public utility projects, municipalities must employ at least one third of resident RoC earners (currently there is only the obligation on the part of the Rdc beneficiaries to provide their willingness to participate in the projects). The performance of these activities by Rdc recipients is free of charge and is not comparable to a subordinate or para-subordinate work performance and does not, however, entail the establishment of a public employment relationship with public administrations.

Citizenship income, employment agencies involved

In addition to the employment centers, the employment agencies authorized by Anpal are also involved to offer matching services between job supply and demand. For each person hired, they take 20% of the incentive due to the employer.
The employment services must communicate in a timely manner, and in any case within five days, to the employment center and to Anpal the non-acceptance of a suitable job offer, under penalty of forfeiture of participation by the employment service the Gol program (Employability Guarantee) for six months.

Citizenship income, stop at the time limit of one year

The time limit of 12 months for the use of the benefit, currently present in the regulations, which delimits the temporal space within which job offers can be proposed, is abolished.

Citizenship income, checks for those who own assets abroad

New controls arrive for those who own assets abroad. The checks on the capital requirements declared in the Single Substitutive Declaration (Dsu) will be annual, and INPS will carry them out by 31 March. The verification plan may provide for the exchange of data with the competent authorities of the foreign state, on the basis of bilateral agreements and is approved by decree of the Minister of Labor and Social Policies within 60 days of presentation.

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