“For Pd I illness and D’Alema cure? Best wishes”

“For Pd I illness and D’Alema cure? Best wishes”
“For Pd I illness and D’Alema cure? Best wishes”

According to Matteo Renzi, “D’Alema has always waged war on me from inside and outside. When I led the Democratic Party we took 40 percent, governed 17 regions out of 20 and wrote important pages on rights, to lower taxes, on work and business with Industry 4.0. With us the working class has received more money, not just with 80 euros. For someone like D’Alema, all this is a disease. Doctor D’Alema’s recipe, let’s call it that, is having 20 per cent, being in opposition in a large part of the Regions, holding conferences on rights without approving any reforms, going on strikes at work and betting on citizenship subsidies: these are two opposite views of life and politics. If today’s Dems think that Renzism is the disease and D’Alema is the cure, I am happy for them and I wish you many fervent wishes.. This is the reason why I am no longer in the Democratic Party: I believe in reformism, they in dalemism “, says the leader of Italia Viva interviewed by ‘Il Messaggero’.

“D’Alema and the Quirinale have historically had a complicated relationship. The candidates that D’Alema supports are punctually burned by the visions of this Apulian statesman who has a strategy so refined that he fails on time. Many owe their rejection to D’Alema: in 2015 D’Alema supported Amato, in 2013 Marini, in 2006 he supported himself, in 1999 a candidate of the then PPI. Whoever D’Alema’s candidate is loses: it is not superstition, but statistics “, adds Renzi.

On the Quirinale, leader Iv continues, “I struggle to understand Letta’s plan. First he broke with us by attributing the failure on Zan to Italia viva, which instead was a sensational own goal by the new Pd. Then he bet on the relationship with Meloni who responded by announcing the vote for Berlusconi. Finally, he did not realize that Conte and Di Maio are fighting to figure out who will choose the few places left at the 5Stelle in the next elections. And in this pitched battle both of them secretly flirt with Salvini leaving Letta alone. At recovery the parliamentary groups of the Democratic Party made up of people who know politics will help the secretary to get out of the isolation into which he has found himself. Otherwise, for the first time the Democratic Party will be irrelevant with respect to the choice of the tenant of the Colle “.


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