Italy Weather at January 17: confirmations on the return of the cold


What until a few days ago had been defined – rightly – a real baric reset is proving to be extremely deleterious for the fate of winter. The climatic weather conditions, clearly improved, are offering us the African Anti-cyclone.

The Polar Vortex, which seemed in clear difficulty, is pressing on the accelerator triggering the deepening of an enormous depression structure in the middle of the Atlantic and the consequent subtropical flare in the direction of our regions.

High Pressure which should accompany us until the middle of next week, when the weather climate picture could change again. An important change, indeed one would say fundamental for the fate of Winter and in particular of the month of January. Follow us, we will talk about it.


What about the next few days? We will have to deal with the might of the African Anti-Cyclone. Structure that for some time had forgotten about our regions and more generally the old continent, but given the long absence, it has well thought of recovering everything with interest.

Temperatures literally exploded, pointing to values ​​that would be more appropriate for late spring rather than early January. We told you that various records were going to fall and that’s what’s happening.

For a change we will have to wait a few more days, since Monday we expect a gradual anticyclonic contraction which should lead to worsening or in any case the thermal collapse of the Epiphany.


Epiphany which, we repeat, could mark a seasonal turning point. The cold air, initially of polar maritime origin, should finally bring us climatic conditions more suited to the period.

Secondly, cold air from the Arctic Circle could take over. Some mathematical models seem to firmly believe in the arrival of a slap-up irruption, a hypothesis that, moreover, could have its own because if the Polar Vortex were to encounter disturbances of a certain consistency.

All this would take place in mid-January, which is a period during which statistically we have the answers on the rest of the winter season.


The winter break will end soon, but we will have to understand if it will be a return of the cold in a big way or more simply an attempt to release from an anticyclonic stall that otherwise would risk becoming very dangerous.

We remind you that weather forecasts with validity up to 5 days have greater reliability, while this decreases as we move away over time.

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