New Year’s Eve is approaching and Atm, the Milanese transport company, has announced the timetables of public transport for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve in Milan. On Friday 31 December, the last day of 2021, in Milan all metro lines and surface vehicles (buses and trams) will follow the Saturday schedule: for the metro, therefore, the last runs are scheduled a few minutes after midnight. The buses of the night lines will operate regularly. On New Year’s Eve 2022, however, all vehicles will follow the holiday schedule. Let’s see some information in detail.

The timetables of the subway in Milan on New Year’s Eve 2022

On Friday 31 December, all underground and surface lines follow the Saturday timetable. As for the metro, therefore, these are the last races scheduled:

Line M1: from Rho Fiera to Sesto 1st May last train at 12.12 am; from Sesto I ° Maggio to Rho Fiera last train at 11.54 pm. From Sesto I ° Maggio to Bisceglie last ride at 00.20.
Line M2: from Assago Forum, last train to Cologno Nord at 00.14, last train to Cascina Gobba at 00.26, last train to Gessate at 11.31. From Gessate, last train to piazza Abbiategrasso at 00.05, last train to Assago forum at 11.35pm. From Cologno Nord, last train to Assago forum at 00.05.
Line M3: From San Donato to Comasina last train at 00.23, from Comasina to San Donato last train at 00.21.
Line M5: from San Siro to Bignami last train at 00.00, from Bignami to San Siro last train at 00.02.
As for the subway, until 2 January 2022 evening trains of the M2 will also travel normally along the entire line, even between Villa Fiorita and Gessate: in fact, the works for the renewal of the tracks are suspended, which will resume from Monday 3 January.

The timetables of January 1, 2022
On January 1, 2022, on New Year’s Eve, the metro will instead observe the holiday schedule, opening about an hour after the usual, around 6 in the morning and last runs the same on Saturday.

Line M1: from Sesto Primo Maggio first train to Bisceglie at 6.15am, first train to Rho Fiera at 6.15am.
Line M2: from Assago forum first train to Cologno Nord at 6.15am, first train to Gessate at 6.56am, first train to Cascina Gobba at 7.15am.
Line M3: from San Donato to Comasina first train at 6am
Line M5: from San Siro to Bignami first train at 6am.
Night buses in service on New Year’s Eve
The night buses are in normal service: the N15, N24, N27, N42, N50, N54, N57, N80 and N94 lines will therefore be in service as usual in the night between 31 December and 1 January 2022, not as soon as the subways close.

As for the light metro Cascina Gobba – San Raffaele hospital, on 31 December it will be in service from 6.40 to 20 while on New Year’s Eve it will be replaced by the 925 bus, which leaves from the terminus which is located outside the M2 station of Cascina Gobba. On January 2, 2022, the light metro will be in service from 1pm to 8pm. The Milan-Limbiate tramway will follow the Saturday timetable on December 31st, and on New Year’s Eve the holiday timetable will follow and will take place by bus. We remind you that, due to the latest Covid decree of the government, to travel on all Atm public transport in addition to the green pass it is mandatory to wear an Ffp2 type mask.

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