The number of passengers at Milano Centrale increases compared to 2020 as Christmas approaches

Christmas in Milan is definitely a dream: the Milanese capital is the perfect city in which to enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere and tourists know it: this is why, during the holidays, the traffic towards Milano Centrale, the largest of the stations in the city, is definitely more heavy. This year, then, it is all the more so, given that the pandemic, although far from having been eradicated, is in a phase of regression due to mass vaccination.
So, here you can dedicate yourself with more tranquility to trips and holidays for the various Christmas markets: if Milan is your destination, then, know that the Sant’Ambrogio bridge could be tailor-made for you. You will find some details in the next lines, hurry up!

Let’s not hide behind a finger: Milan in December is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy to visit.
Going there by car could be a good choice, but don’t forget that it could drive you crazy looking for parking: a cheap car park at Milan Central Station would be right for you, because from there the green line of the subway starts. get connected to the red, which is the line capable of taking you downtown in no time at all. Of course, you will need applications to find the nearest free parking space and its price, if it were to be paid for, but the Network will do this and more for you, allowing you to park effortlessly and visit the city being sure that the car is not at risk of a fine.
December in Milan, therefore: apart from the Galleria in via Vittorio Emanuele, next to the Duomo, which every year gives us heart-pounding emotions, know that right in the Duomo there is one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the entire peninsula, to be immortalized in breathtaking photographs with the spiers of the cathedral behind it.
Let’s not be discouraged by the pigeons and continue towards the fashion district, the showcases, especially in December, are unmissable. Of course, maybe we can’t afford who knows what shopping from the best Italian brands, but watching and enjoying such beauty is free and the atmosphere, between roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, is among the best we can experience, in this festive month.

For a healthy shopping session within the reach of all budgets, then, we always have Corso Buenos Aires, where the association of street traders takes care of the luminous decorations, which extend as far as the eye can see from Porta Venezia to Piazzale Loreto. Here too, unmissable atmosphere and views, with hundreds of shops polished up for the hottest and most joyful party of the year.
In short, Milan is well worth a trip in December, with the comfort of our car that can take us to the best restaurants in the city with little effort and with the beauty of its lights, of its fairs (famous that of O bei O Bei, right in December ) and its vendors of roasted chestnuts, ready to warm body and heart at every street corner!

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