Ferrero arrested, ex-wife Laura Sini under investigation for bankruptcy

Ferrero arrested, ex-wife Laura Sini under investigation for bankruptcy
Ferrero arrested, ex-wife Laura Sini under investigation for bankruptcy

Up – The well-known entrepreneur in the dairy sector is banned for 12 months

Massimo Ferrero

Nepi – ( – Arrest of Massimo Ferrero, his ex-wife Laura Sini is also under investigation.

For the woman, a well-known entrepreneur in the dairy sector of Nepi from whom the patron of Sampdoria had five children, the investigating judge ordered the temporary German ban on carrying out business activities and management offices of legal entities and businesses, banning her for 12 months.

The eldest of the couple’s five children, Vanessa, is also being investigated together with her nephew Giorgio: the two are under house arrest. The prosecutors had also asked for the arrest of the mother. For Ferrero, in the Milanese prison of San Vittore since Monday, today is the day of the guarantee interrogation.

Ferrero’s ex-wife – in the investigation of the public prosecutor of Paola, which led to the arrest of the president of Sampdoria – is under investigation for fraudulent bankruptcy for distraction, as she held the role of councilor until December 2010. administration of the Ellemme Group. A company that for the magistrates would have taken on a total debt of over one million and 200 thousand euros that many companies of the group had.

In addition to Ferrero, who was taken to prison in Milan, his daughter Vanessa and nephew Giorgio were arrested and placed under house arrest. In addition, Giovanni Fanelli, sole director of Ellemme until March 2014, Aniello Del Gatto, liquidator of Ellemme, and Roberto Coppolone sole director of Blu line were also placed under house arrest until April 2014.

Presumption of innocence
A suspect is simply a person against whom preliminary investigations are carried out in a criminal case.

In the Italian penal system the presumption of innocence is in force until the final sentence. Presumption of innocence based on article 27 of the Italian constitution according to which a person “is not considered guilty until the final sentence”.

December 9, 2021

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