sos Love. Tons of “radioactive junk” rejected by the plants

sos Love. Tons of “radioactive junk” rejected by the plants
sos Love. Tons of “radioactive junk” rejected by the plants

Tons of medical waste. Bags with everything inside: Covid test tubes, gauze, used masks. They found them along with the common garbage. Result: the trucks ofButas soon as they arrived at the treatment plants, they were sent back. The limit of “radioactivity” of the waste transported from Rome had been exceeded. Put this way, it may seem more sinister than it actually is: the term “radioactive”, in the field of waste treatment, also indicates waste “which originates mainly from medical and research uses”, as he explains in the its portal Enea, the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development. In short, we are talking about “special” hospital waste, which needs a different treatment than ordinary undifferentiated waste.

At the Ama, however, the alarm went off, because just when the Capitol is trying to pull the city out of the shoals of the garbage emergency, having trucks loaded with trash sent back is no small problem. The problem must be solved, “urgently,” they say at the Palazzo Senatorio. The Councilor for the Environment of Rome, Sabrina Alfonsi, has convened a meeting this morning with the Ama, the XV Municipality and the top management of the Sant’Andrea hospital. Because it is precisely around the hospital in Grottarossa that the garbage collectors collected the bags with sanitary waste, mixed with normal garbage. “We do not want to take the issue lightly – says Daniele Torquati, the Pd minis-mayor of the XV Municipio, a district that stretches from Ponte Milvio to Prima Porta – Unfortunately, the reports that Ama sent us speak clearly: inside the bags there were scraps health, even tubes or anti-Covid tests. And the limit of radioactivity, even if slightly, had been crossed, so the plants did not accept the garbage ».


According to the confidential files of the subsidiary, it is more than 10 tons of hospital waste mixed with common garbage. For now, Ama sources explain, the problem mainly concerns Sant’Andrea. Other large hospitals, from San Camillo to Spallanzani, dispose of waste correctly, do not cause concern. But even a single, large health facility can create problems, since the loads in a certain area can generally be combined with the garbage collected elsewhere when they are crammed into trucks heading to the plants. The company is ready to launch an ultimatum, at the summit this morning, convened at 1.15pm: either the medical waste will be properly disposed of by the hospital, otherwise the inspectors will arrive. With the block of fines.

For the rest in the city, garbage collectors and street sweepers, waiting for the 360 ​​euro bonus, are trying to fill the gap of recent months. About 500 tons still remain on the road. In the reports sent by the Ama to the Municipality, we speak in particular of two municipalities in “critical” conditions: the XIV (Balduina, Primavalle, Ottavia) and the V (Torpignattara and Casilino). But according to the reports of the district committees, bags scattered on the sidewalks can still be seen from Portuense to Nomentana. On Monday, private garbage collectors will arrive for collection in shops and restaurants. The mayor’s promise of a “clean Christmas” is 16 days away.


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