from hatchet to petrol, the Pulp Fiction kit of the chainsaw killer

from hatchet to petrol, the Pulp Fiction kit of the chainsaw killer
from hatchet to petrol, the Pulp Fiction kit of the chainsaw killer

Nine minutes in all. Dorel Grec, a 35-year-old Romanian, it would have taken little to massacre Pierantonio Secondi, the 82-year-old who, on the basis of an initial reconstruction, had decided to end their relationship.
The camera of the Milanese condominium in via Giulio Romano captured the image of the killer. That of Grec, for the investigators. At 20.35 on Monday, as he enters the hallway and drags a large black trolley with difficulty. Inside he keeps his arsenal: a chainsaw, an ax that he has not managed to get completely into the suitcase, so much so that you can see the handle, a series of knives, work tools and a petrol can. The luggage is so heavy that the man cannot lift it on the steps leading to the elevator.

The suspect, finished in handcuffs for voluntary murder and attempted fire, comes out nine and a half minutes later without a suitcase and no longer wears the dark jacket. The chainsaw used it to break through the front door of Secondi’s apartment, then to attempt to cut off his left hand at the wrist. Between the victim’s fingers, the carabinieri still found a bottle of pepper spray, which the man allegedly used to neutralize his attacker. It was useless: Seconds died with two stab wounds in the throat. On the right side the lethal one. The plan also included the burning of the apartment, to erase all traces. On the bedroom carpet, the investigators found a large patch of burnt. But the flames did not spread. The man, before leaving, would also have washed his hands. The taps in the bathroom and kitchen were open.

The arrest

Now Grec, described by some witnesses as a “meek” man and as an “almost perfect” father, is in his cell at San Vittore. Milan prosecutor Elio Ramondini today will forward to the investigating judge the request for validation of the arrest and pre-trial detention in prison. The carabinieri tracked him down a few hours after the crime, at dawn on Tuesday, near a pharmacy in Melegnano where he worked as a warehouse keeper and reached, probably on foot, at night. So far he has made use of the right not to answer, but he seemed very calm. To betray him were the emails written by the Romanian and addressed to the pensioner and now to the records of the investigation. Messages that leave no doubts and where he expresses his intention to kill the pensioner who left him.
Long separated from his wife, with whom he lived without quarrels and in a climate of mutual respect, and tied to the children with whom he behaved like a caring father, in all probability, the man would not have accepted the end of the completely “disinterested relationship It was reported with Seconds. A story that the 82-year-old had instead put an end to before last summer, because Grec would have become obsessive. To the point of having received, on 13 October last, an expulsion order following a complaint for stalking: he had robbed and beaten the elderly man, who had reported 21 days of prognosis. On Friday the carabinieri had looked for him on the phone, but without being able to reach him, to inform him of the prohibition of approaching his sister and the new companion of Seconds, accused by the Romanian of having convinced the pensioner to interrupt that intimate relationship, which he was unable to do. to be capable of carrying out his murderous plan.


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