He throws himself naked in the fountain of the Naiads in Piazza della Repubblica and tries to injure the agents

He throws himself naked in the fountain of the Naiads in Piazza della Repubblica and tries to injure the agents
He throws himself naked in the fountain of the Naiads in Piazza della Repubblica and tries to injure the agents

Completely naked he sowed panic before a Piazza dei Cinquecento, a stone’s throw from the station Terms, grabbing the neck of a bottle and threatening passersby. Then he climbed on fountain of the Naiads, waving his arms in front of the astonished eyes of passers-by who filmed the scene in a video that immediately went viral. Yesterday morning, at about 9.30 am, chasing the man without clothes, Nigerian, 22 years old, wearing a red hat, were the agents of the Local Police of Rome Capital. At first they tried to convince the man to get out of the fountain, then they had to immerse themselves in the icy water and in the end ten people had to intervene to try to stop the Nigerian who continued to wallow in the fountain like a fury. Agents of the State Police.


He seemed unstoppable, irrepressible, the agents also had to use the truncheon to try to stop him and restore calm in the icy square for the winter weather. Eventually the brigade of the Public and Emergency Security Group and of the Urban Social Security Group managed with great difficulty to stop the man. Two officers were bruised and their prognosis is seven days. The Nigerian, with a residence permit, was taken in an evident state of agitation to the Policlinico Umberto I for checks on his state of mental health. In the meantime, the arrested for resistance, violence and injury to a public official. An episode that yesterday in the center that raised the issue of security and controls, in a quadrant of the capital where there are many episodes of violence. Prefect Matteo Piantedosi spoke about the incident and thanked and expressed appreciation for the operators of the Roma Capitale police and the Police Headquarters who intervened in the difficult situation. «The episode – said the prefect – testifies to the difficulties encountered by the police in the daily performance of their work. But also the dedication and the spirit of sacrifice with which they ensure the daily safety of citizens ». Even the commissioner Mario Della Cioppa thanked the agents and stated: “The baton supplied was used exclusively to render the subject harmless, without causing him any physical damage”. Matteo Salvini also tweeted about the episode: «My solidarity with the poor agents, forced to take a bath on the day of the Immaculate Conception. A reflection: is this the immigration that Italy needs? Are these the resources that will pay pensions to Italians? This video will make someone laugh, I can’t do it ».


And cases of violence in Termini are practically daily. Last Saturday, in broad daylight, another Nigerian, 36, threatened passersby with a knife in front of the bus shelter of tram 5 in via Giolitti. To curb the fury of the man, it was the police who chased the violent and blocked him in Piazza dei Cinquecento. Just two days later in via Marsala, a 31-year-old Somali homeless, during a quarrel, lashed out at a Nigerian and slashed him on the face with a shard of a bottle. He was stopped by the carabinieri of the Rome Macao Station. Sulpl also spoke on yesterday’s violence. “The episode demonstrates for the umpteenth time the presence on the territory and the daily contribution that the Local Police make to effective and perceived security in the country,” said the Roman assistant secretary Marco Milani.



throws naked fountain Naiads Piazza della Repubblica injure agents

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