new cases 6 Regions, three are in Lazio

new cases 6 Regions, three are in Lazio
new cases 6 Regions, three are in Lazio

Four other cases of Omicron in Italy, for a total of 17. Now the new variant was detected in five Regions and in an Autonomous Province: Sardinia (a close contact was added to the Alghero rugby player yesterday), Veneto, Piedmont, Campania e Autonomous Province of Bolzano. And again yesterday three infections with the new mutation were confirmed in Lazio: sequencing was performed at Spallanzani and the infected have different stories that have crossed paths Roma.

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For two of them, the route of the variant is clear: the first is a girl from the Marche who had been in South Africa with her mother, reached Fiumicino via Ethiopian Airlines and had as final destination the province of Macerata. Testing positive for the swab when she landed in Italy, sequencing was started as she came from South Africa; the second is a Nigerian soldier on a mission who was returning to his country; the third case is more anomalous: a woman residing in Lazio who had been in Paris and, on her return, was found infected with the new variant: if the transmission of Omicron took place in France, then it is evident that the mutation is now circulating in Europe markedly.

Alessio D’Amato, Lazio’s councilor for health, says: «We expected these cases after having raised the sequencing levels for the national alert, it was therefore only a factor of time, since the variant circulates. We are not worried, all the procedures have been activated to reconstruct the contact tree on which Seresmi is working continuously. All the ASLs are activated to monitor suspected cases and possibly send the samples for sequencing the virus to the Spallanzani Virology laboratory “. In Italy there are already 17 confirmed cases of Omicron: the thirteen already known include the manager of Caserta (the first ascertained), his family, the Sardinian rugby player who passed through Fiumicino and one of his contacts, other cases related to South Africa in Veneto, Piedmont and Bolzano. But there is a story that worries the most: the 77-year-old lady from Padua who has not traveled to South Africa and who has no contact with people who have traveled abroad. For this reason, the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health believe that this may be the first case of community transmission, proof that Omicron is already circulating in Italy. At the Ministry of Health there are those who say it openly: we have the Delta experience behind us, it is clear that Omicron is present in our country. It will most likely become dominant, but we need to figure out how long it will take. For this reason, a flash survey was prepared, a sample survey with sequencing throughout Italy that will already tell us next week to what percentage Omicron represents the new infections registered in our country. “But a very clear message must pass – they say to the Ministry – to defend ourselves we must speed up with vaccinations, starting with third doses”. Yesterday 17,959 new infections were recorded in Italy, the highest figure since 9 April. 86 the victims. It must be said, however, that the trend of the pandemic, with a constant increase in positive cases constant between 20-30 percent does not seem to testify to the spread of a much more contagious variant, but it may also be that the Delta is gradually retreating while Omicron is rapidly growing: the two phenomena therefore lead to that growth rate, which among other things is not overwhelming hospitals (admissions are increasing, but not heavily).


Yesterday, the number one of the World Health Organization, Tedros Ghebreyesus, in the briefing on Covid from Geneva explained: «The Omicron variant has so far been reported in 57 countries and we expect that the number will continue to grow. Some features of Omicron, including its global spread and large number of mutations, suggest it could have a major impact on the course of the pandemic. ‘ There are other indications that the experts of the Ministry of Health believe that the spread of Omicron has also begun in Italy: other countries that carry out many sequencing such as Denmark have already found four hundred cases. The infections are running and a series of restrictions have been decided, starting with the closure of schools. The Copenhagen newspaper Berlingske writes: “According to Henrik Ullum, director of the Statens Serum Institut, the Omicron variant is new and unmanageable. The new variant is growing exponentially and risks reaching a truly, truly insidious level ». If it’s happening in Denmark, if it’s happening in the UK, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen in Italy as well.


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