the bulletin of December 7, 2021

After the usual weekend decline resulting from the reduced number of tampons, the cases of positivity to Covid return to increase in Puglia. In fact, 362 infections were recorded in the last 24 hours, compared to 22,931 tests carried out. The data emerge from the epidemiological bulletin issued today (Tuesday 7 December) by the Region. Unfortunately, four other people lost their lives. The new cases are distributed as follows: province of Bari, 61; province of Bat, 43; province of Brindisi, 21; province of Foggia, 73; province of Lecce, 74; province of Taranto, 89; residents outside the region, 1; province in definition, 0.

Despite the increase in infections, the trend of infections remains stable. In fact, 136 people are currently hospitalized in a non-critical area (one less than yesterday) and 17 are in intensive care (one less than yesterday). 7 patients in infectious diseases and 9 in pneumology are admitted to the Perrino hospital in Brindisi. The Mesagne post Covid hosts 4 patients.

Another 361 people, for a total of 269,980 since the beginning of the emergency, have recovered, but the number of current positives, equal to 4,629, increases by 3 units. Since March 2020, 281,513 total cases have been registered, compared to 4,927,736 tests performed. 6,904 people have died.

As for the vaccination campaign, about 4,700 doses of the vaccine were administered yesterday (Monday 6 December 2021) in the ASL of Brindisi. In particular, among others, 46 in the clinic of the competent doctor of the ASL, 175 in Perrino, 646 in the elderly center of Bozzano, in Brindisi; 839 in the Conforama shopping center in Fasano; 141 in the Parco Città Studi di San Pancrazio Salentino; 389 in the sports hall of Ceglie Messapica; 375 in the school of San Donaci; 378 in the pressure switch of San Vito dei Normanni; 287 in the Falcone di Mesagne school; 586 in the tensostatic structure of Oria. There were 103 home vaccinations by the ASL; those carried out by general practitioners and free choice pediatricians were 541.

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