The Stock Exchange (+ 2.4%) closes Omicron and recovers 244 billion in one day – Economy

The Stock Exchange (+ 2.4%) closes Omicron and recovers 244 billion in one day – Economy
The Stock Exchange (+ 2.4%) closes Omicron and recovers 244 billion in one day – Economy

The world economy appears to have overcome the fear of the pandemic tail and the Omicron variant. European stock exchanges have rrecovered 244 billion of capitalization in a single day. It is the value of listed companies in European stock exchanges after the rises in today’s session. Wall Street is also expanding its gains, with Nasdaq climbing more than 3%. The new variant of Covid is now less scary and risk appetite has returned to global markets, amid growing confidence that Omicron will not bring the world economy back and that it could even accelerate the end of the pandemic. The Dow Jones is up 1.52%, the S&P 500 is up 2.08% and Nasdaq gains 3.03%.

Closing in a new decisive rise in Piazza Affari, at the end of a session that had already opened with a plus sign. The Ftse Mib index marks a + 2.42% at 27,137 points, while the Ftse Italia All Share gains 2.43% at 29,723 points. THEThe Ftse Star also increased, which scored a rebound of 3.43% to 63,508 points. Milan, like the other stock exchanges, rallied throughout the course of trading, once again takes advantage of the lower fears for the Omicron variant and the measures of the Chinese central bank to support the economy. Among the sectors in evidence, especially technology, cars and luxury.

Weak Tim, who yesterday announced the choice of advisors who will have to evaluate Kkr’s offer, while Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit and Banco Bpm rose among the banks. Meanwhile, the spread between German BTPs and Bunds closes at 129 points with a ten-year yield of 0.91%. Among the titles of the Milanese list, among the major increases in Stm which earns 5.8 points, but also Nexi, Moncler and Cnh Industrial. Among the minus signs, on the other hand, among the major declines, Telecom Italia, which dropped 1.4 points, but also Snam’s fractional decline. The other main European stock exchanges also closed the session on positive ground, in the wake of the green opening on Wall Street.

Among the financial centers, Paris closes at + 2.91%, Frankfurt gains 2.86% while London gains 1.52% .- “We learned a lot during this pandemic,” observed Art Hogan of National Securites, noting that “the impact of each wave of Covid cases and of each new variant was lower than the previous one “. And he added reflecting the optimism of many operators: “Our health system has Fr.produced vaccines and therapies at breakneck speeds and it will probably continue to improve in the weeks and months to come ”. For Schwab analysts, global markets have been “supported by positive preliminary data suggesting that the Omicron variant may not be as serious as its predecessors”, although “the effectiveness of existing vaccines and treatments is still uncertain” .

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