Brescia, dies 5 days after the Moderna vaccine. Funeral blocked: the doctor asks for an autopsy

Vaccinated at home with Modern dies after 5 days. An 80-year-old man lost his life ad Alfianello, in the province of Brescia. And now the doctor who had injected the vaccine anti Covid last Tuesday he asked the‘autopsy. As reported by the Brescia newspaper, this is the first case in the Brescia area of ​​an autopsy ordered by the general practitioner to exclude a possible correlation between the vaccine and death. The resuscitation attempts carried out on Sunday afternoon were not enough. Man is dead.

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Funeral blocked

While the family was ready to celebrate the funeral, everything was suspended by the request for the autopsy. “The doctor did not want to sign the certificate because she claims that a cause and effect link between death and the vaccine must be excluded – explained the eighty-year-old son to the Brescia newspaper –. Last Tuesday it was she who administered the Moderna vaccine to my dad at home and she told us that she wants to be sure that there is no correlation with death ». And then he continues: «We are very tried. We believe that the father had a heart attack. Of course, we cannot know if vaccination has anything to do with it, even if we believed that another vaccine was causing problems and not the one given to our father. We were told that with Moderna there had never been any problems and we were calm. Now, this tile. We have canceled the funeral and also the booking for cremation and we are waiting ».

Adverse events

Between December 27, 2020 and March 26, 2021, for the three vaccines in use in the vaccination campaign at that time (Moderna, Astrazeneca, Pfizer), there were 46,237 reports of side effects out of a total of 9,068,349 doses administered. 92.7% are non-serious events, which resolves completely, such as injection site pain, fever, asthenia and fatigue, muscle aches. While 7.1% of the total were of greater concern and medical support was required.

Died after the AstraZeneca vaccine, the prosecutor opens an investigation

The Prosecutor’s Office of Oristano opened ainvestigation to shed light on the sudden death of a seventy year old Cuglieri died a few days after vaccination with serum AstraZeneca. This was revealed by the newspaper L’Unione Sarda, according to which the deputy prosecutor Silvia Mascia will today appoint the coroner to carry out theautopsy. The investigation was opened after the complaint of the woman’s family.

Only with the autopsy examination will it be possible to establish the exact cause of death and to know if there is a possible link with the administration of the vaccine or if the death is linked to other factors.

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