the bulletin of December 6, 2021

Fewer tampons, just 14,969, fewer infections: 505. Those that emerge from the Monday bulletins are always numbers to be taken with a grain of salt. Also with regard to the situation in hospitals, where there are usually fewer discharges on Sundays. As often happens, the balance of beds occupied in Sicily rises, and even today it is no exception: in the non-serious wards there are 317 people (+13), while in intensive care there are 45 patients (+2) with 3 new entrants. .

The positivity rate, like yesterday, is 3.4%. There are 113 recovered, while 6 deaths: one refers to yesterday, 4 to Saturday and one to day 3. The current positives become 13,703 (+386). The map of infections by province: Palermo 107, Catania 155, Messina 88, Syracuse 39, Trapani 24, Ragusa 19, Caltanissetta 50, Agrigento 10, Enna 13.

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Over 200 vaccines at Vicari’s open day

The “journey” in the province of the campers of the prevention of the ASP of Palermo continues unabated. The Itinerant Open Day stopped today in Vicari where the “health village” was set up in Piazza Generale Giardina. 134 anticovid vaccinations were administered, including 14 first doses (5 second and 115 third), while 65 tests in the context of cancer screening. In particular, 21 mammograms, 21 Hpv Tests and 8 Pap Tests were performed and 24 Sof Tests were distributed for the prevention of colorectal cancer. In all (including flu shots) 201 performances in seven hours of work.

The itinerant Open Day of Vicari, organized in collaboration with the municipal administration, was the eleventh appointment in 23 days of a busy calendar that will see the ASP operators engaged on December 10 in Montemaggiore, on December 16 in Camporeale and on 18 in Borgetto.

The situation in the rest of Italy

9,503 Covid test positives have been identified in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 15,021. On the other hand, there are 92 victims in one day, yesterday there were 43.

Today’s bulletin Monday 6 December

  • New cases: 9,503
  • Swabs (diagnostic and control): 301.560
  • Currently positive: 235,835
  • Hospitalized: 5,879
  • Hospitalized in Intensive Care: 743
  • Died after a positive swab: 134,287 (today 92)
  • Discharged / Healed: 4,748,454
  • Vaccinated: 47,389,331 People equal to 87.74% of the population over 12 years old. Yesterday 283 thousand doses were administered, of which 33 thousand first doses, 21 thousand second doses and 446 thousand third doses. The vaccination campaign has involved 94% of the over 80s, 91% of the seventy-year-olds, and 89% of the sixty-year-olds, 85% of the fifties, 81% of the forties, 81% of the forties to date, Friday 3 December 2021 of 30-year-olds and 85% of 20-year-olds and 70% of adolescents fully vaccinated with a double or single dose of JJ. The updated vaccine report on the government website.

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