again BAD WEATHER and SNOW at LOW altitudes. pay attention to the NEXT HOURS «3B Meteo

again BAD WEATHER and SNOW at LOW altitudes. pay attention to the NEXT HOURS «3B Meteo
again BAD WEATHER and SNOW at LOW altitudes. pay attention to the NEXT HOURS «3B Meteo

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EVENING UPDATE: bad weather persists in Southern Italy with more persistent showers and thunderstorms on western Sicily and Puglia. More scattered phenomena elsewhere, some rain also in Calabria and on the Abruzzo coast. Clear skies instead in the North, Tuscany, Lazio and Sardinia. Temperatures close to zero on the northern and central plains, much milder in the south. Overall quiet situation. Thermal collapse on the reliefs, -18 ° C in Livigno are recorded at 22:00.

Whirlwind in front of the coast of Crotone this afternoon.

MORE RAIN IN CAMPANIA, EXCEEDING 40mm, SNOW IN THE APENNINES UP TO HILLS: The low pressure vortex fed by cold arctic air continues to evolve on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea, renewing bad weather especially between lower Campania and upper Calabria where from midnight the 40mm of accumulation. Many thunderstorms also transited over Puglia, especially over Salento and at times also over western Sicily and the Ionian Sea. The latest phenomena have instead affected Lazio and Abruzzo where the weather is improving further. Meanwhile, the further drop in temperatures favored a drop in snow level also on the southern Apennines. In Campania it snows from 800-1000m as well as on Basilicata. The summit of Vesuvius was also whitewashed in Naples while in Irpinia above 1000m the fresh mantle already exceeds 10cm.

ABUNDANT RAIN IN THE SOUTH AND ADRIATIC, OTHER 30mm IN CAMPANIA, RESIDUAL INSTABILITY ON LAZIO: the low pressure vortex centered on the lower Tyrrhenian Sea continues to fuel conditions of instability in the southern regions, the middle Adriatic and Sardinia. Accumulations again abundant in Campania with peaks of 30-32mm in the Salerno area but moderate rain also in Molise with accumulations up to 20-25mm and snow above 800-1000m. Snow also in Capracotta, the snowiest town in Italy. On the other hand, some residual and weak rains affect Lazio while improving on Marche and Abruzzo with the last rains on Pesarese. Some last weak rain also on Romagna with flakes on the Forlì Apennines up to 700-800m

VORTICE OF BAD WEATHER ON THE LOWER TYRRHENIAN – Cold air of arctic-maritime origin continues to flow into the Mediterranean passing both from the Rhone Valley and from the high Adriatic. The two streams converge on the southern Tyrrhenian to feed a minimum of low pressure positioned between Campania and Sicily. Around the minimum irregular cloud masses renew instability especially on the Adriatic side, part of Sardinia, Sicily and practically all of the southern peninsula. The phenomena are often of character thunderstorm and snow in the central Apennines up to 400-700m, over 800-1000m in Campania and Basilicata with a also sprinkled on Vesuvius in Naples, at mid-high mountain altitudes between Sicily and Calabria. Weak snow also on the Forlì Apennines above 600m. Heavy rain they had already affected Campania, Basilicata and Calabria on Sunday with accumulations until midnight 80mm on the Salerno and 65mm on the Potentino. Snowfalls had instead affected mainly the central Apennines between Marche, Lazio and Abruzzo up to 500-700m but with fresh accumulations over 1200m on the Sibillini and Gran Sasso even over 20cm. Occasionally on Lazio the flakes had dropped down to 300m.

And it was just the abundant snowfall to cause an accident in Teramo where a hiker is missing in the area of Monte Gorzano. Research is currently ongoing.

From midnight further rainfall contributions in Campania and Calabria up to 22mm, thus exceeding 100mm in 24 hours. From a thermal point of view, clear skies favored severe frosts in the North con temperature currently still below zero as far as -3/-4°C in Piedmont and -1 / -3 ° C in Lombardy and Emilia. The Tuscan and Umbrian valleys are also below zero, while positive values ​​prevail further south. Over the next few hours, the low pressure area will continue to maintain its position, renewing instability, especially in the South and the mid-Adriatic. A mild high pressure promontory will instead tend to protect the central Tyrrhenian and northern regions, bringing greater stability. Let’s see then forecasts for the next few hours:

FORECAST MONDAY 6 DECEMBER NEXT HOURS: North, irregular densities in Emilia Romagna with some weak phenomena in Romagna, snowy from 500m and running out by the afternoon. More sun elsewhere except mists and banks of fog in the plains dissolving for the central hours. Center, residual rains on Lazio in exhaustion, more sun on Tuscany and Umbria. Irregular clouds along the Adriatic with rain and showers, occasionally thunderstorms and snow in the Apennines from 500-700m. Get better by evening. Unstable even on Sardinia with showers, thunderstorms and snow from 500-600m. South, widespread instability with rains and showers, including thunderstorms, especially in the evening on Calabria and Sicily. Evening improvement in Campania. Snow in the Apennines decreasing at 700-800m between Campania and Basilicata. Over 1000-1200m on Calabria and Sicily. Temperature decreasing in the South and along the Adriatic, stable elsewhere. Winds thesis from the northern quadrants with residual libeccio on the ionian. Very rough or rough seas.

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