a particular PHENOMENON will change the climate of ALL WINTER 2021-22. We reveal which »ILMETEO.it

a particular PHENOMENON will change the climate of ALL WINTER 2021-22. We reveal which »ILMETEO.it
a particular PHENOMENON will change the climate of ALL WINTER 2021-22. We reveal which »ILMETEO.it

Weather LATEST: a Particular PHENOMENON Will Change the Climate of ALL WINTER 2021-22. We reveal which one

WINTER 2021/2022: La Niña could affect the cold seasonLAST HOUR: check a particular phenomeno weather that will upset the climate throughout the winter of 2021-22 with important effects also in Italy.
So let’s take the point to understand what is it, so to clarify and hypothesize one general trend on precipitation and temperatures.

It will be a rather anomalous winter with an alternation between wet phases and not too cold with perturbations descending from the Atlantic and much longer periods chill due to the arrival of air masses from the North Pole.

The it causes of these anomalies is to be found far from the Old Continent and more precisely in the area ofPacific Ocean. In fact, the presence of the Girl.
This particular phenomenon basically indicates a cooling down the temperature of the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean central and eastern which frequently influences the climate of our planet, with different reflections also in Europe and in Italy. As we can see in the map below, the last reading of the surface temperature of the waters of the Pacific Ocean (September 2021) indicated it lower by about 0.5 ° C compared to the average and in the coming months the trend should be for a further decline (-1.2 ° C).

It is conceivable that the presence of La Niña could increase the entry of numerous disturbances in descent from the Atlantic which would not find any obstacle from a high pressure that could instead take refuge in North Africa. The first part of winter, if this were confirmed, would be rather rainy in the central-northern European sector, with effects also on Italy with the risk of waves of bad weather not to be underestimated, a bit like what has already happened in recent weeks.

Be careful though, the Girl it will also upset the behavior of the Polar Vortex. The latter is configured as a vast area of ​​low pressure that is stationed almost permanently (from September to May) above the North Pole and within which everything is enclosed the cold air which is continuously produced on the Arctic ice sheet and which finds its outlet through the depression centers directed towards the South, then as far as the Mediterranean (and, of course, also on Italy), causing bad weather and a drastic drop in temperatures within a few days.

Especially between January and February real ones are not to be excluded icy blitzes as already happened in December 2020, in March 2018 and in February 2012, just to mention the most recent with snowfalls in the main cities and even up to the coasts.

Cooling of Pacific Ocean surface waters


PHENOMENON change climate WINTER reveal ILMETEOit

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