Super green pass, check in Milan. On ATM vehicles and trains 50 patrols

Super green pass, check in Milan. On ATM vehicles and trains 50 patrols
Super green pass, check in Milan. On ATM vehicles and trains 50 patrols

The new anti-Covid squeeze starts today, with the debut of the super green pass (without which public transport, indoor restaurants, stadiums, theaters are prohibited). The plan of the prefect Renato Saccone focuses on “preventive checks to avoid contagion risk situations”, but in any case “tight” to contain the new wave and save Christmas: the brigade, coordinated by Finance, take care of bars, nightlife venues, theaters, stadiums; police and carabinieri of the travelers of the means. The fines are steep ranging from 400 to one thousand euros.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT There will be at least fifty every day in Milan city (about a hundred in the Milanese area) the mixed teams that, made up of law enforcement, ATM and Trenord personnel, will carry out sample and non-mass checks on means of transport before the passengers get on, so as not to compromise the fluidity of the service. Controls at the exit of some stations and terminus, after the journey by subway or on the buses are also not excluded. And in this case, violators of the new rules will be fined.

RESTAURANTS AND MOVIDA The prefect’s appeal is to the managers: “Be the first to be the controllers for the good of your business and the community”. In any case, “the checks on the territory, already usually provided” are encouraged in the places of the rubble and nightlife. Cast iron and financiers, in addition to compliance with health regulations or receipts, verify the super green pass, if necessary. More police in outdoor meeting places, such as Christmas markets, where there is the obligation to wear a mask and a “basic” green pass.

CONTAGIONS Lombardy fears the yellow zone. The positivity rate, yesterday, was stable, but high, at 2.1%: 2,628 new positives (Saturday 2,990) out of 121,463 swabs. Of these, 757 in the city of Milan. Admissions are still increasing: + 3 in intensive care (124 patients) and + 31 in the other wards (955). Eight deaths (Saturday 19).

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