No green pass Milan, so the demonstrations have deflated-

No green pass Milan, so the demonstrations have deflated-
No green pass Milan, so the demonstrations have deflated-
from Cesare Giuzzi

From the gatherings of 10,000 people to a few hundred activists in the square. The hard line of the police has dematerialized the No vax galaxy: preventive blockades, blanket identifications, hunt for infiltrators among tourists and hard line with the diehards. The disappointment on Telegram: But what happens in Milan? We were like 20,000 up to three Saturdays ago …

The void beyond the chats. After 20 consecutive Saturdays of protests and inconveniences, the requiem of the Milanese No passes. A movement that dematerializes on the eve of the Prima della Scala in a day with merciless numbers compared to gatherings over 10 thousand. The latest budget speaks of 202 identified between Piazza Fontana and the Duomo, seven sued for resistance and refusal to provide general information, 34 fined for occupying urban areas, six for not using the mask, 30 removal orders, 4 proceedings for the urban Daspo. Basically, almost all those who show up to demonstrate are stopped by the police and carabinieri and identified.

The management of public order

After last Saturday’s blitz with the procession that crossed via Torino and a piece of Corso di Porta Ticinese, the police do not even give the demonstrators time to assemble. At the first signs in Piazza Fontana, already shortly after 4 pm on Saturday 4 December, the first identifications are triggered: six people stop in the center of the square, are stopped and fined. Around 5 pm, in Piazza Duomo, the first No passes for the unauthorized appointment materialize. The message that comes from the chats blend in with passers-by and tourists: no signs, no flags. For half an hour nothing happens so much that away Telegram some launch an appeal to gather in front of Mondadori, at least to understand who is in the square. Forty minutes later, at the sight of the first groups of police and carabinieri, they intervene and ask for documents. Anyone who shows intolerance to checks is dragged away to the mobile office on the camper placed in front of the Royal Palace. in these phases there are some moments of tension: a demonstrator is pushed to the ground by a policeman, others are abruptly taken away. Who screams shame, shame to the agents also ends up in the list of identified.

The foreign body

It seems the prelude to the last few Saturdays which, albeit in a very minor tone, have kept the agents busy for several hours. Instead the diehards of the movement do not exceed 200-250 and in fact the energetic action of the police headquarters extinguishes any attempt at wild protest in the bud. I No pass, to use the words of the prefect Renato Saccone, they really look like a foreign body in a city that moves around thinking about gifts, shopping, aperitifs. The last ones left look around and leave: But what happens in Milan? Four cats and a sea of ​​police. We were like 20,000 up to three Saturdays ago …, the messages in the chats.

The authorized principals

On the other hand, everything is ok for the two regularly organized events: a hundred No passes at the Arco della Pace, without tensions, and 500 in the procession of grassroots unions. From the Scala Region for the No Draghi day against government policies on work, taxation and investments.

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