Milan, the health worker who takes to the streets to convince the No vax

His name is Stanislav Rizzi, he is a health worker from Como and has decided to try convert the no Green pass and the No vax to change your mind. For this reason, even yesterday during the demonstration against the ‘green certificate’ blocked in the bud by the police, he went down to Piazza Duomo in Milan to have his say. “I experienced the pandemic firsthand – he explained according to what the news agency reported Ansa– I came here to convince as many people demonstrating against the Green pass to get vaccinated. I’ll do it every Saturday to come. I am convinced that many people could change their minds if they are well informed. They seem to me to be people with somewhat confused ideas. Bad information and the fomenting of violence now seem a reality to me ”. In Rome “I have received death threats and insults – the boy said again – but I am not frightened. My intent is to argue my reasons and return to the streets to inform people ».

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Milan health worker takes streets convince vax

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