These are the most dangerous roads in Italy – Mobility

These are the most dangerous roads in Italy – Mobility
These are the most dangerous roads in Italy – Mobility

ACI published the annual study on road accidents in Italy, drawing a ranking, obviously not of ‘merit’, of the most dangerous sections of the peninsula. The data refer to 2020 and confirm that the arteries around large cities, by amount of traffic, are among the most dangerous in terms of the possibility of being involved in an accident.

the urban highways the ones with the highest accident density are confirmed, due to the high traffic flows and the plurality of different vehicles. Among the roads on which more accidents occur, we find, in fact, the Milan ring roads, the North ring road of Turin, the Catania branch A 18 dir, the Reggio Calabria ring road, the Grande Raccordo Anulare and the Urban Penetration of the A24 in Rome. On the extra-urban roads, high frequency of accidents for the State road 36 of Lake Como and Spluga in the section in the province of Monza Brianza, the SS 207 Nettunense in the province of Latina, the SP 227 of Portofino in the province of Genoa and the Bergamo interurban axis.

In 2020 on extra-urban roads, the – already very high – share of deaths increased: motorized two-wheelers (239), pedestrians (82) and cyclists (39) represent, overall, 40% of the victims. Motorcyclists are involved in 20.8% of road accidents. We are talking about really negative numbers: 5.2 deaths for every 100 vehicles involved compared to 1.4 for cars. At the top of the routes with the most accidents for motorized two-wheelers, the SS 001 Aurelia in the provinces of Savona, Massa and Lucca, the SS 016 Adriatica in the province of Rimini, the SS 018 Tirrena-Inferiore in the province of Salerno, the SS 270 of Ischia Verde and the SS 145 Sorrentina in the province of Naples, the SS 006 Casilina, the SS 002 Cassia and the SS 008 bis Ostiense in the province of Rome, the East-West ring road of Naples, the SS 035 dei Giovi in ​​the province of Milan.

As for the cyclists, were involved in 4.7% of accidents on the main road network. The roads most affected by accidents with cyclists: Aurelia (SV), Emilia (FC), Padana Superiore (PD), Abetone and Brennero and Gardesana (VR), Codognese (PV), Dei Giovi (MI), Sarzanese Valdera (LU) ). 3.4% of accidents on the main road network are relative, however, to a pawn investment. Among the roads where there was a high number of investments: Aurelia in the inhabited centers of Vado Ligure and Ceriale in the province of Savona, the Tosco Romagnola in the inhabited center of Pontassieve (FI), the Dello Stelvio state road near the inhabited center of Tirano ( SO), the Amalfi state road near Minori.

In 2020, 24,205 accidents were recorded in Italy (830 fatalities), with 911 deaths (38% of the total) and 36,518 injured. The average mortality rate was 3.8 deaths per 100 accidents, an increase compared to 2019 (it was 3.4). On the motorway network, the decreases were more consistent both in terms of accidents (-40%) and deaths (-37%). The Covid pandemic has significantly influenced the temporal distribution of accidents: the most marked decreases in the number of accidents occurred in the months of March (-73%) and April (-86%), corresponding to the total closures . Smaller decreases – between 8 and 15% – in July, August and September of 2020. The highest mortality rate was in March (5.4 deaths per 100 accidents); while July was the month in which more deaths occurred (113). Taking the year 2010 as a reference, accidents on the primary network decreased by 48.3% (Italy average -44.5%), deaths by 45.2%, (Italy average -41.8%).

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