“Relatives don’t get vaccinated and I have to protect my daughters”

“Relatives don’t get vaccinated and I have to protect my daughters”
“Relatives don’t get vaccinated and I have to protect my daughters”

Fortunately, there is a relatively small portion of Italy that feels violated, disturbed, attacked or at least frightened by the anti-Covid vaccine every day. About 6 million no vax people who, ignoring the deaths and chaos of the last two years, refuse prophylaxis. Indeed, they mock it. And so, often ringing an endless collection of hoaxes, he shares, attacks, sweats and gets mad with anyone. At the bar as at the bus stop. With colleagues as with family members. Every occasion is good to underline the distance between those who, for them, have chosen to be at the service of who knows what strong power and those who consider themselves free and in danger.

Interminable conversations that until a few months ago were a continuous attempt at mutual conviction. And that now, after tons of chat and face to face, most of the time they end up being liquidated by a dirty look or a nod. A non-dialogue that widens the gap between friends and relatives every day. Years of joys and shared paths buried by resentment, or rather by fear and fake news. A split that this Christmas made “more normal” by the vaccine, will end up dividing again. And this, however you look at it, is a shame for everyone.

Divided families / 1

“Mocked by relatives because I fear Covid, I will not return to the country”

“I am so tired, two years of the pandemic have tried a lot”. And now: “after I already felt laughed at during last Easter lunch, because when needed I kept the mask, I don’t know if we will spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s No vax relatives”. “I’m not happy and I don’t want to hear their giggles again.”

Annalisa is 47 years old and lives firsthand a doubt that – numbers in hand – is destined to creep into millions of Italian families: to spend Christmas with all relatives, even those not vaccinated, avoiding breaking up with them permanently after holding on and attempted dialogue up to now; or mediate and defend as best you can, perhaps with an antigenic pad for everyone, windows as open as possible and a mask worn as soon as possible.

“My husband and I, who think like me, live in Bologna – says the woman, a past as a researcher in biochemistry complete with a doctorate and a present as a pharmacist who perfectly knows the No vax universe because” I make swabs for them all the days »- the relatives instead in Comacchio, in the province of Ferrara». And, unlike last Easter, «this time I’m seriously thinking of not going there for Christmas».

The reason why? “I’d end up arguing again with my brothers-in-law and my husband’s retired aunt.” All firmly believe that the vaccine is not only useless, but also harmful. “On the other hand, I fear for my younger sister who had a lot of health problems just before the pandemic and is a very fragile one. And for my almost 80-year-old parents. Even if they are healthy they are still elderly, and I have to protect them ». In fact, sitting at that table, especially without a pad, could expose them all to potential danger.

«And instead they (the relatives ed.) Have strange beliefs – says the woman bitterly – where the statistics and decisions are based on the report of the cousin, rather than the friend or even the colleague. We didn’t already frequent them much, because work keeps us busy, but the pandemic and this drift have taken us far more than a few kilometers away ».

Divided families / 2

“They don’t get vaccinated and I have to protect my girls”

“I have a close relative of No vax with whom I have started having some very unpleasant conversations. Also with respect to my work, my responsibilities. Then the situation degenerated with the restrictions and now, in agreement with my husband, we have decided to avoid meeting her during the Christmas holidays. A decision mainly due to the fact that I have a duty to protect my girls and therefore limit contacts with non-vaccinated people as much as possible ».

So too was the family of a 47-year-old Roman researcher. The first clutches on social networks. When Dr. Arancio read some posts published by the relative. Then the discussion turned on in real life: «He told me a series of follies, because such they are, regarding Covid and the vaccine. The situation became even more tense when the first restrictions took place. At that point, he questioned my work. “

Even then, however, the conversation degenerated. No vax went further by accusing her of being “an active part of a health dictatorship” because she is a researcher and expert in vaccines. For months, the doctor has therefore tried to explain, even scientifically, Covid. At this point, however, the family broke up. Relationships became increasingly strained and involved all family members.

“I explained to you – says the doctor – that you cannot face a serious situation like that of the Coronavirus by inquiring on the internet”. Not enough to settle the differences. So for the upcoming Christmas holidays, the members of the Arancio family will be divided between vax and no Vax: “I have chosen not to see her and interrupt any relationship – he explains – Now more than ever: because it is precisely because of the adults who do not get vaccinated that I’ll have to vaccinate my girls instead. The madness is all here, it is about people who do not want to accept reality and scientific evidence. With respect to this, the only weapon we have is to distance ourselves, including physical ones, to protect ourselves and limit the spread of the virus. Even at Christmas ». The doctor’s parents, on the other hand, will welcome the relative: but keeping a safe distance and only wearing a mask.


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