what we know (and why it is not decisive) – Corriere.it

what we know (and why it is not decisive) – Corriere.it
what we know (and why it is not decisive) – Corriere.it
from Massimiliano Nerozzi

At the moment the private agreement between the club and CR7 (which would not have been budgeted) is not found, but the power of attorney is convinced that it exists. In any case, the focus of the investigation remains the fraudulently inflated capital gains

By Cristiano Ronaldo, inside Juve’s home, we talk almost all summer, before arriving at the famous paper that should not theoretically exist, of which Cesare Gabasio, head of the Juventus legal office, speaks with the sports director Federico Cherubini, in a telephone call (intercepted) on 23 September last . Having landed on 25 July at Caselle airport, CR7 had hinted at the hypothesis of leaving to chat with some mates, and then go at the end of August, with the flight to Manchester, county United. It goes without saying that there would have been no happy end if even some managers had imagined it, despite the understandable public denials: there was still the possibility that the Portuguese ace had remained. The fact remains that the evaluation of the number 7 had become technical, in the light of the observations of Massimiliano Allegri, and cheap, for a paycheck of 31 million euros (net). Moral, supported by (non-public) chatter during the summer market: a buyer would have been the best way out.

We therefore come to an agreement with Manchester United, reported in the financial statements in significant events occurring after 30 June 2021, when the accounting year ends. At the price of 15 million euros, plus any other 8, a sort of bonus linked to the achievement of sporting goals. However, nothing is noted about other agreements with the player and his longtime friend and agent, Jorge Mendes, despite the last season at a monstrous salary of over 50 million gross (which the club would have saved) and, perhaps, some salary. backward. The famous paper refers to everything, of which investigators are convinced, on the basis of what is said in the telephone conversations captured. On the contrary, the lawyers of the suspects and the club, the lawyers Davide Sangiorgio and Maurizio Bellacosa, of the Severino law firm, doubt it, speaking of the alleged existence of documentation which, at the moment, has not been found.

From follow the money, follow the money, old detective advice, to follow the paper, follow the paper: the one that the soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza continue to look for, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and by prosecutors Mario Bendoni and Ciro Santoriello. Certainly, some have talked about it on the phone, but no one does it in person, as per the search report of November 26, drawn up by the men of the financial economic police unit of the Fiamme Gialle: Negative feedback was received when asked about the famous card made to Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, Maurizio Arrivabene, Cherubini and Gabasio. Prosecutors and Finance are certain of its existence, but this does not mean that it will come out. Not bad – the investigators thought – also because the possible private writing relating to the contractual relationship with CR7 is only one point, not the fulcrum, of the hypotheses of accusation: having fraudulently inflated the capital gains, thus falsifying the financial statements of the last three years .

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