moments of terror in the street, then arrest

moments of terror in the street, then arrest
moments of terror in the street, then arrest

The first sightings around 1.30 pm yesterday when some passersby noticed a man with a big one knife kitchen in hand. 36 year old Nigerian wandered on the platform of tram number 5 in via Giolitti brandishing the weapon. Six months ago a similar scene occurred in via Marsala, where a man of Ghanaian origin had suddenly pulled out a knife and started to sow panic always near the Termini Station. To block him, a policeman fired a pistol shot aiming downward and injuring the man in the groin. Many reports arrived to the police. The man screamed and kept showing the knife.

Nigerian with a knife, fear in Termini

Unknown the reasons why the boy went into a rage, keeping the area in check for some time. Several police cars and patrols of the Esquiline Commissariat quickly intervened on the spot. The agents tried to calm the man, of Nigerian origin, who instead became more agitated and initially managed to run madly among the cars, risking causing an accident and being run over.

Rome, shoot in Termini: policeman investigated for culpable excess in the use of weapons. The Prosecutor’s Office: “Act due”

Rome, policemen surround a Ghanaian with a knife in Termini: agent shoots to stop him

The policemen, however, chased him and caught him again shortly after, arresting him on charges of abusive firearms, aggravated threat and resistance to a public official. Moments of terror among passers-by who at the sight of the 36-year-old armed man began to escape. Complicated for the intervening agents to remain calm in the crowd. The scene was shot by several people and ended up on social media.

Termini station, they fight in the street: Roman seriously injured by a Bengali stabbing



moments terror street arrest

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