The exhibition on Divisionism, instead of 18 paintings, the shots of the works on display at the Gam in Milan

The exhibition on Divisionism, instead of 18 paintings, the shots of the works on display at the Gam in Milan
The exhibition on Divisionism, instead of 18 paintings, the shots of the works on display at the Gam in Milan

TORTONA. The task that the Foundation had entrusted to him was to document and interpret, even in a poetic way, the exhibition of the Divisionist works at the GAM in Milan. And to bring them back to Tortona.

So Carlo Baroni made 18 black and white shots, which were then printed on photographic paper. They faithfully reproduce, on a 1: 1 scale, the paintings with the relative frame, allowing you to see all 18 works of the Pinacoteca «Il Divisionismo» that are exhibited in Milan. You therefore have the opportunity to experience, albeit at a distance and through photographic interpretation, the emotions of the Milanese exhibition and also the splendid place in which it is hosted, namely Villa Reale in via Palestro, built as Napoleon’s residence.

They are simple shots of interior architecture that want to bring out the dialogue between the work of the Pinacoteca and the work of Gam, contextualizing this dialogue in the environment in which they are exhibited. “On 8 December the art gallery of the Cassa di Risparmio di Tortona Foundation turns 20 – explains the general secretary, Andrea Crozza -: we asked ourselves how to remember this first important stage and we decided to make an album of Divisionism, a publication presented precisely alla Gam on the first day of December; wants to tell this important season of Italian painting in a completely different way, giving a voice to the artists and critics of the time. Today the Divisionist painters are now celebrated and well-known, but when they proposed their art they were opposed by critics and those who organized the exhibitions even exhibited the paintings of the Divisionists in such a way as to make them almost illegible ».

In addition to the album, there is the exhibition that compares two great collections of Divisionism: «For 3 and a half months we deprived ourselves of these works that interact with those of Gam – adds Crozza -. But for us it is a very important goal, which we would never have imagined twenty years ago. However, we set ourselves the problem of trying to make up for the lack of these 18 masterpieces and we thought of proposing the GAM exhibition to the Tortonese who did not have the opportunity to reach Milan ”.

This is how the photographic exhibition «Tortona-Milano A / R. Travel impressions »: as if the paintings that went to Milan were ideally re-proposed in the Pinacoteca and then returned permanently to their home.

It begins with the Scapigliatura, that moment of Lombard painting that acts as a prologue to the explosion of pointillist painting, in the second section on the landscape the Pinacoteca is represented by three works including “Il ponte” by Pellizza da Volpedo which is receiving great recognition from visitors. The third section concerns social painting and is the highlight of the Milanese exhibition with the masterpiece of the Pinacoteca, “Piazza Loading in Genoa” by Nomellini compared with “The dawn of the worker” by Sottocornola della Gam. We continue with the pointillist pastel and the new avant-garde painting of the first decade of the twentieth century.


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