“Two girls raped”. Manhunt on the nightmare train

“Two girls raped”. Manhunt on the nightmare train
“Two girls raped”. Manhunt on the nightmare train

Two 20-year-old girls both ended up in the hospital emergency room after being sexually harassed on train in the night between Friday 3 and Saturday 4 December. Before that tragic night the two did not know each other, but they were on board the Trenord train that serves the route between Milan and Varese. Both were allegedly attacked a few minutes after 10 pm by a couple of men who, according to their stories, could be foreigners. At that time the convoy was almost entirely empty and the sexual violence, at least in one of the two cases, unfortunately went on target.

Assault on the train

Only one of the 20enni she was in fact raped, for the other there was fortunately only the failed attempt. In fact, the girl managed to free herself and escape, the other unfortunately did not have the same promptness, perhaps also because she was in shock. These trains are already quite empty in the early afternoon, let alone in the late evening. The investigations were initiated by the Varese Mobile team, assisted by the railway police. According to the first data in the hands of the investigators, the violence occurred near the Vedano Olona station, where the attackers may have got off.

According to what was reported by the Corriere, the alleged immigrants would have left biological traces, from which it would now be possible to isolate the DNA to be compared later on the database. Provided that the two rapists have not already fled across the border or have all documents in order. It also seems that one of the two victims is a compatriot of the attackers and therefore managed to give the investigators a precise identikit of her attackers.

The investigations

The security cameras placed along the route and in the railway stations may have recorded movements useful for the purpose of the investigation carried out by the investigators of the Police Headquarters directed by Michele Morelli. In fact, both the boarding of the train and the descent of the wanted couple could have been immortalized in the videos. The couple’s cell phones may also have hooked up the cell phones, as long as they don’t use disposable Sims. But even then all would not be lost.

There are good reasons to think that the two will soon be caught. It has not yet been ascertained whether the victims were also in the same wagon. Maybe the couple of abusers traveled the entire train looking for single women to attack. For the moment there would be no other women sexually harassed in the previous days or weeks, but the investigations will also go in that direction to exclude further possible victims. According to what was announced, the two girls would not have been robbed, they still had their bags, money and cell phones with them. Violence therefore remains the only certain reason for the attacks suffered.

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girls raped Manhunt nightmare train

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