Green pass on public transport, Regions ask for an alternative: students risk not being able to go to school

Green pass on public transport, Regions ask for an alternative: students risk not being able to go to school
Green pass on public transport, Regions ask for an alternative: students risk not being able to go to school

From 6 December it is necessary to have a Green pass in order to use public transport. Massimiliano Fedriga, governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia and president of the conference of the Regions, believes it is necessary “to give an alternative, a parenthesis, an accompaniment” to students not yet vaccinated.

This week we will have the issue of the green pass for Tpl. It is the most delicate thing and on which we should have more attention“, Says Fedriga during the press conference.

I have had the opportunity to confront the government in the past few hours and we have pointed out that, from my point of view and that of many governors, it is necessary to take a break to make sure that a 13-year-old boy can get the vaccine”And remember that there are small villages where it is not easy to swab and the very young would risk being excluded from public transport and therefore from the possibility of going to school.

For the governor it could be foreseen “the Ffp2 as an alternative“.

Fugatti: it could have a very impactful effect

There is no doubt that the current legislation poses some problems of applicability – highlights Maurizio Fugatti, president of the Autonomous Province of Trento -. In Trentino it is estimated that currently unvaccinated students are about 10,000. In any case, if applied rigorously from the morning of day 6, the legislation would have a very impactful effect on mobility services, on school continuity and on the life of families.“.

The obligation to have a Green pass (therefore having a vaccine certificate or a negative swab) for such high numbers – he observes – could hardly be 100% observed; just think of those who live in remote or isolated locations and the enormous difficulties in getting even just a tampon for Monday“.

I am therefore sure that the Regions will insist on asking that the discipline be changed by the Government. The Police Forces will hopefully concentrate their energies above all in order to prevent gathering phenomena or non-compliance with the obligation to use the mask. At the same time, we believe that the control of possession of the Green pass for those who use public transport cannot fail to take into account the difficulties that some students may encounter in observing the law on time, to which will almost certainly be added a ‘physiological’ percentage of non-compliance. due to young age.

My wish – concludes Fugatti –is that our children can face lessons with serenity from Monday, pending a reconsideration by the Government, of the impact produced by recent decisions on the subject on the family, health and educational system. I also discussed all this with the Government Commissioner, who confirmed that it is not yet fully clarified whether the current regulatory aspect will be the definitive one, from now to 31 December and beyond.“.

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