In Milan, even the managers do volunteer work

In Milan, even the managers do volunteer work
In Milan, even the managers do volunteer work
The Manageritalia Lombardia social manager group offers free quality advice to third sector entities and public administration: an example to follow for the whole city

Milan has always had a strong vocation for volunteering, with many people involved, who with a “Milanese” spirit are working hard to personally solve the problems that the public does not reach.

There are many reasons for volunteering: you want to help someone, support a cause, feel useful, get to know other people. These willing people sometimes manage the banquet for the sale of research gardenias, or help children with problems at school, or non-EU people who have to do the documents.

An organization of volunteers has been active in Milan for years and has chosen to be useful in a different way. This is the Manageritalia Lombardia social manager group.

Its members are managers, especially retired former executives, but also younger people: their particularity is that they work to offer professional skills free of charge to third sector and public administration bodies.

The group was born with the aim of working only in support of the non-profit world in the area, carrying out activities in support of entities such as the Red Cross, but also to many smaller local non-profit organizations; then in recent years it has also extended its intervention to local authorities and the public administration, for example by creating a project with prisons for the reintegration of prisoners.

The members of this group are experienced managers, with skills from administration to privacy, and from security to communication. They contribute to the causes by providing high-level consultancy support, accompanying institutions on a path of growth and professionalization and training people. All, of course, for free.

The Social Manager Group is coordinated by Giancarla Bonetta, who, after a career as a manager in various multinational companies, now retired, manages a group of 300 volunteers, engaged each year in projects to support over 50 non-profit organizations and organizations. active in Milan and Lombardy.

A short list of some of the entities aided by the Manageritalia Lombardia group most recently includes:

  • Banco Alimentare, one of the group’s historic projects, where 10 volunteer managers are active, supporting several areas: drafting the social report (which among other things was awarded by Altis – Catholic University), development of supply sources, logistics;
  • a collaboration between two non-profit organizations Aias (motor disabilities – home automation development) and Faccia Vista (autistic disabled – sale of paintings) and the Leroy Merlin chain, with managers supporting the collaboration;
  • Social tech cooperative for the future, an initiative of the Triulza Foundation, where 15 managers provide tutoring days for social cooperatives that use new technologies for a social, environmental and economic impact;
  • CSV Lombardia (volunteer service center), where volunteer managers participate in the support network for the third sector;
  • Cisom (Italian Rescue Corps of the Knights of Malta), offering training on communication and training issues;
  • Milan Community Foundation: “Visconti heart” project to combat the new educational, social and economic poverty.

In recent years, the issue of sustainability has come out of the fence of voluntary work only and from the traditional vulgate of confinement to pious souls. At the same time, the third sector has evolved and increasingly needs high-level skills to perform its role in the best possible way. What better time for a group of managers to make themselves useful?

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