“Crazy bad luck, but at least he’ll get away with it” – Corriere.it

“Crazy bad luck, but at least he’ll get away with it” – Corriere.it
“Crazy bad luck, but at least he’ll get away with it” – Corriere.it
from Andrea Pasqualetto

The father of the Italian injured on the evening of Davide Giri’s killing in New York: “He told me:” Dad, I was attacked but nothing serious “”

“Roberto was crossing the park in front of the university to go home when he met this blessed gentleman who, without saying a word, immediately threw a knife at him.” It was a bad day for the doctor Corrado Malaspina, which began with his son’s disturbing phone call from New York, where he had arrived the day before for a research project at Columbia University:
“He told me: ‘Dad, I was attacked but nothing serious.’ He tried to minimize by avoiding talking about the knife, the wounds … so we didn’t worry. But then the news broke and we knew what he went through, poor thing. We called him and then he let himself go: “I’m a bit distressed” ».

Not fear, anguish. “He didn’t even have time to realize what was happening.” And that is that Vincent Pinkney, 25 years old on probation with various precedents, small boss of a Queens gang, could have killed him. As he had done ten minutes earlier with Davide Giri, also a graduate student, stabbing him to death near Morningside park.

Twenty-seven year old from Perugia, art historian, Roberto Malaspina is doing a doctorate in Aesthetics at the philosophy faculty of the University of Milan. “The attacker appears to be a racist fanatic who hates whites. He hit him for no reason, just for the fun of it. My son has all the characteristics to be the target of such a light skin and hair.Crazy bad luck but at least he’ll be okay, so the doctors in the ward tell me

. He has minor injuries. Today he will be transferred from intensive care to the regular hospitalization and perhaps on Monday he will be discharged. I think rather of the other young man who is no longer there, terrible ».

It is Roberto’s first time in New York for work. It was supposed to be six months to develop a project with an American teacher from the prestigious university. “Tomorrow he was having his introductory lecture at Columbia, where of course he can’t be. I don’t know what will happen now. He wants to stay there but it will depend on his condition. For the moment he just asks me not to talk about the fact, so as not to relive it».

Doctor Corrado Malaspina, retired radiologist from the Perugia hospital, he was thinking of flying to New York with his wife. «But then the consul himself called me and advised us not to leave because the situation is under control … I have a doctor daughter, maybe she will go … Excuse me for a second that I have a phone call downstairs …». He was the professor of the University of Milan with whom Roberto is doing his doctorate: “He talked to my son and reassured me about his condition too.” Other confirmations come from the young man’s mother: “It is not serious and is hospitalized in one of the best hospitals in New York”. A friend of his went to see him at this clinic, Mount Sinai Morningside: “He’s recovering.”

Roberto had landed last Wednesday in the Big Apple. The house, the teachers, the university. It felt like a dream. But then, around 11pm the other night, he ran into Pinkney who hates whites and everything suddenly turned gray.

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