No Green pass, moments of tension in Milan. In Rome 500 people at the Circus Maximus – Photos and videos

On the twentieth Saturday of protests against the Green pass, a few dozen people are demonstrating against the obligation of the green certificate in the Arco della Pace square in Milan. Instead, tensions in Piazza Duomo, where about 15 people have been identified and taken away by the police who are guarding the area where a few dozen people have gathered to demonstrate. There were moments of tension between the police and the demonstrators, when some of them started shouting and insulting the police with the shouts of “fascists” and “criminals”. The situation is currently under control.

ANSA / PAOLO SALMOIRAGO | No Green Pass Presidium at the Arco della Pace in Piazza Sempione, Milan 04 December 2021

“We don’t care about going to restaurants and not taking public transport, sooner or later this dictatorship will end,” said one of the organizers of the protest at the Arco della Pace, Marina Assandri, who has a Daspo that prohibits them from go to Piazza Duomo. From the stage set up for the occasion, he explained that next Saturday there will be an event which will also be attended by the Trieste port Stefano Puzzer and the deputy No vax Sara Cunial.

ANSA / PAOLO SALMOIRAGO | No Green Pass Presidium at the Arco della Pace in Piazza Sempione, Milan 04 December 2021


Also in Rome a group of people against the Green pass met at the Circus Maximus at 3pm today to express their dissent. According to the Police Headquarters, there are about 500, almost all without a mask. Again, this is a decrease compared to the previous weeks. “Rights don’t come in doses. Hands off workers “and” No Green pass “are some of the banners displayed.


About 3 thousand people gathered in Bologna for a march against the new green certification, designed by the Draghi government to curb the increase in Coronavirus infections. The appointment was in Piazza delle Medaglie d’Oro, where the Central Station is, and the procession arrived in Piazza dell’Unità around 5.00 pm.


Are approximately 250 the people who participated this afternoon against the Super Green pass and what the demonstrators define as a “health dictatorship” in Trieste. The demonstration was organized by the “Dissent Front”. A few dozen people met in Largo Barriera and Piazza Unità d’Italia with an official reason: that of “having a coffee in the square”. The provocation refers to the obligation, which will start on Monday 6 December, of vaccine or certification of successful recovery in order to enter bars or restaurants.


As for Turin, another city that was the stage of protests in these weeks of mobilizations, a thousand people gathered in Piazza Castello to demonstrate against the Green pass. Almost all the participants are without masks, but they are also in this case in much less number than in the past weeks. The activists found themselves on opposite sides of the square in two distinct groups, due to an internal break in the movement. On the one hand there is “La Variante Torinese” whose leader is Marco Liccione, on the other hand the “No Fear Day”, which among the spokespersons sees the president of the national association of trade fair owners Serena Tagliaferri. Both groups then left in procession towards Corso San Maurizio.


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