rebus Draghi al Colle – Time

rebus Draghi al Colle – Time
rebus Draghi al Colle – Time

The “move of the horse” that would lead Mario Draghi from the chair of prime minister to that of president of the Republic sends institutional technicians into a tailspin who, faced with the hypothesis, find themselves faced with a puzzle, a short circuit between Palazzo Chigi and Quirinale that would lead to solutions, albeit transitory, truly unprecedented in the history of Italy.

The situation is unprecedented, a prime minister who must resign in the hands of the Head of State to whom he must succeed and must also manage the game of his successor at the head of the government. In recent weeks, the institutional offices have begun a series of summits to understand how to move, reports Repubblica, which gives an account of the hypotheses that emerged from the first informal discussions.

Three, in particular, the knots to be solved. “The first: until today the resigning Prime Minister has always remained in office pending the oath of his successor, this time the resignation of a prime minister elected Head of State immediately become executive? If so – and so it seems to be – it would then be the senior minister to immediately succeed the outgoing prime minister? And above all: who would manage the consultations for the new executive? ” are the questions on the technical table of the Chamber of Deputies, Quirinale and Palazzo Chigi.

The answers, still being examined by the offices, start from the process possible after the election of Draghi as President of the Republic by the Parliament. “The former banker goes to the Quirinale to formalize immediate resignation. His election to Colle, in fact, should be considered among the cases of ‘temporary impediment’ of a prime minister, provided for by article 8 of law 400 of 1988. If so if that were the case, the senior minister should take over. It is Renato Brunetta, who would lead the government as if he were a ‘regent’ “. And so far, everything as expected.

But then we would be in the realm of the unexplored. Who will lead the consultations for the Prime Minister to be given the mandate to form the new government, Mattarella or Draghi? According to the first scenario, Draghi, provided that Brunetta has already been appointed “regent” and has already taken the oath.

“Furthermore, if Draghi’s election takes place before February 3, 2022 – the expiration date of Mattarella’s seven-year term – the resignation of the President would be necessary to speed up the installation of the new Head of State. Resignation which would be followed by the convening of the Chambers and the oath in the Chamber. Even if we act very quickly, there would probably be a need for a second ‘regency’, the one at Colle. Maybe even just a few hours, entrusted to the President of the Senate Casellati “, reads the Repubblica.

If, on the other hand, the election of Draghi al Colle were to take place after February 3, Mattarella would remain in office even beyond the deadline, until his successor is sworn in. A scenario that would avoid the early resignation and the second regency of Casellati.

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