Instagram down, reports from all over Italy for problems on the social-

Instagram down, reports from all over Italy for problems on the social-
Instagram down, reports from all over Italy for problems on the social-
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From the 15 different users have started having problems viewing posts and accessing social networks: a new “down” for Instagram? Around 5 pm the situation returned to normal

Reports from all over Italy for a new «down »of Instagram, as indicated by the site
, during the early afternoon of Saturday 4th December. From Milan to Rome, but also to Turin to Bologna there have been many Italian users who from around 3 pm were no longer able to enter the social app, or to view or post images. At 5 pm the situation slowly returned to normal.

On Twitter, however, there were already many posts that reported the disservice with the hashtag instagramdown that quickly climbed the trend chart of the day: from @datemiunoshot which reproduces the gif of Ornella Vanoni who says “I don’t know if I’ll be there for Christmas”, to @LucaGUPalazzolo who asks: “But is there instagramdown?” complete with a gif with chef Bruno Barbieri mimicking the classic gesture to ask a question. @BondtheOG instead explains his problem: “No internet connection”. @estanca comments: «Will we ever get rid of this Instagram down?».

In recent weeks they are there are several cases in which, for a few minutes or a few hours, the app has been blocked or unreachable by users, both from mobile and from PC: you could not see the images of your home page, impossible to post or comment, in short, the app was practically unusable.

In the meantime, however, irony has ridden, as always, the news and even those who have not had any problems found themselves talking about it on other social networks, Twitter above all. How did he do

The problems were not only for Italy, but also in England where the hashtag is present in many posts that express disappointment at yet another misunderstanding of the social network.

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