Covid, the Fvg could ‘avoid’ the orange zone

Covid, the Fvg could ‘avoid’ the orange zone
Covid, the Fvg could ‘avoid’ the orange zone

The trend of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia should be close to the plateu. The region, therefore, should be able to avoid switching to orange zone. This is what the professor explained Fabio Barbone, head of the Covid task force during a press conference with the governor Massimiliano Fedriga and the vice president Riccardo Riccardi just to take stock of the emergency in Fvg.

Barbone analyzed the European situation, with always worrying data from the East (including neighboring Austria, Slovenia and Croatia), but with a progressive ‘shift’ of the fourth wave towards the west.

“The Fvg has held up better thanks to vaccinations – explained Barbone – and in recent weeks we have recovered several percentage points compared to the Italian average. Trieste still presents lower data, but overall the numbers of the former province of Udine, which was hit hard by the second and third wave, are very important for the trend of the curve “.

In comparison with autumn 2020, the beds currently occupied by Covid patients are less than half for the medical area and 50% for intensive care, a result due to the effectiveness of the vaccine, which significantly reduces severe disease in particular. An even more significant fact can be seen in the mortality: we have less than a third of deaths compared to a year ago”.

“We hope to see a gradual descent of the curve in the next few days. But individual behaviors and vaccination will be fundamental”Concluded Barbone.

The point on the vaccination campaign, which is paying for a sharp increase in requests as a result the introduction of the Super Green Pass and, from 15 December, the extended vaccination obligation to the administrative staff of health, to teachers and school staff, military, police forces and public aid, while the third dose will be mandatory for health professionals.

“The news made it difficult to plan the agendas for the next few months, because the rules changed in the very short space of 10 days”, highlighted the managers of the vaccination campaign.

At the moment, availability has been expanded for all priority categories, including the frail and caregivers. For all the other people it will take a little patience, but in the coming weeks the diaries will open for them too, still allowing everyone to get the recall within the Green Pass deadline of nine months.

“This is the decisive week: we see that there is a stabilization, on a high level, which we obviously hope will decrease, but there is a first decline”, Riccardi specified. “Compared to the correct recommendation to go and get vaccinated – first after six and then after five months – there has been a boom in requests for the third dose. To those who complain because they got the appointment in January or February, I specify that we are giving priority to those who are in the obligation range and must necessarily make the call by December because they have the Green Pass expiring “.

“This fits into the context of increased pressure on the health system, so I thank all health professionals for their commitment.”

Riccardi then illustrated details of the vaccination campaign for children aged 5-12. “The audience is from 68 thousand units: we do not expect a race, but we are working to better activate the operation, which it will be coordinated by the Burlo. In the weekend following the delivery of the doses (December 17-19) we will organize structures dedicated to children in three / four points of the Fvg, also on the basis of what will be the request of families “.

“The numbers we heard – Fedriga later specified – confirm the importance of vaccination. To understand, if we had more vaccinated, the Fvg would not have gone into the yellow zone. We must be able to respond to the priority categories. It is clear that, if in the next few days, we find that these people do not book, we will also open to the other categories. So we send out a clear message: whoever falls into these classes, hurry up and book “.
“An important message for all the others: it’s not that if you get vaccinated after five and a half months or six, a tragedy happens. It is also necessary to understand the effort of the car ”, said Fedriga.

The latest government decree is working: thanks to the Super Green Pass we have allowed activities to keep open and be able to plan the winter season. We have one more weapon than last year and we are using it to the fullest, without the desire to discriminate against anyone. We must reaffirm the truth of the facts and refute the fake news “.

“Next week we will have the introduction of the Green Pass on local public transport which will be an important test. We await the clarifications of the Government for the application, in particular for the youngest, to whom we must give a little margin of tolerance, in particular to those who are about to turn 12 and want to get vaccinated, but clearly will not be able to do it immediately. The checks will be random. Nobody dreams of getting to the bus stop and checking everyone because it would mean blocking the transport. Controls are great, but you need a community that is responsible for yourself and others. So I appeal to personal awareness: it cannot pass the message that everyone can do what they want until it is checked “.

On events no Green Pass, we must be realistic: I can make an order to ban them, but then they can keep the same, even without authorization and without managers who organize them. I prefer that there are managers who respond to the rules to be applied. We have to make feasible and balanced choices, ”Fedriga later said.

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