Pharmacists no vax suspended in Cesena in contact with customers – Chronicle

Pharmacists no vax suspended in Cesena in contact with customers – Chronicle
Pharmacists no vax suspended in Cesena in contact with customers – Chronicle

Cesena, 4 December 2021 – Nei guai due Cesena pharmacists who continued to work despite having been suspended for not having the anti-Covid vaccine. The two pharmacists have been caught in recent days by Nas of the Carabinieri of Bologna while they were selling medicines to customers, and immediately reported them to the judicial authorities. The Nas controls, extended to most of Italy, were aimed precisely at verifying compliance with the vaccination obligation of health personnel. The two professionals, owners of a pharmacy on the outskirts of Cesena, continued to interact with the public and sell medicines at the counter, while the legislation that introduced the mandatory vaccine prohibits any contact with people.

“These episodes they must not cast shadows on this category, which represents a group of workers who have given their best in this pandemic period – explains the president of the order of pharmacists Alessandro Malossi -. The vast majority of pharmacist colleagues have in fact been vaccinated “. There are 50, out of a total of 800 subscribers, the pharmacists in the province of Forlì-Cesena who were suspended from the activity for not having the vaccine. “I spoke personally with each of them – continues Malossi – warning them of the dangers they would encounter if they continued to work. In fact, these are heavy penal consequences and not just administrative ones”.

Under consideration of the investigators at the moment the hypothesis of the crime of abusive exercise of the profession which provides for imprisonment from six months to three years, and a fine from 10 thousand to 50 thousand euros. “The health worker is obliged to have a vaccine – explains Malossi – and if he does not undertake the vaccination process he must be suspended or can be assigned to tasks that do not involve contact with the public, such as answering the phone or working on the computer. But in fact, in most of Cesena’s pharmacies or parapharmacies it is difficult to be able to do a different job. with the introduction of the Super green pass, next Monday, pharmacists will also be obliged to undergo the third dose of the vaccine “.
Meanwhile, the news came a few days ago that some pharmacists from Cesena, suspended from the order because they were not vaccinated, went to work anyway, also demanding the wages of the past months unpaid due to the suspension. They claimed that a technicality studied by a lawyer allowed them to bypass the law.

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