Controversial resignation of Bettini from the board of the Rome Film Fest

Controversial resignation of Bettini from the board of the Rome Film Fest
Controversial resignation of Bettini from the board of the Rome Film Fest


The author Goffredo Bettini during the presentation of the book “Agorà – The needle of the balance is you” at the Teatro De ‘Servi in ​​Rome, 5 October 2018. ANSA / CLAUDIO PERI

“Dear friends, I have come to know that in an institutional confrontation aimed at redefining the structures of Roman cultural realities, in particular with reference to the film festival, my alleged indications and wishes emerged. A few words that I have expressed on the subject in the past have been requested of me. It represented my act of generosity aimed at making a contribution that does not in the least pretend to influence choices whose responsibility lies primarily with the Mayor Roberto Gualtieri ”. Goffredo Bettini, leader of the Democratic Party, writes this in a letter he himself published addressed to Nicola Zingaretti, Dario Franceschini and Roberto Gualtieri. “I therefore ask you also in future institutional discussions not to call me into question, in any way and for any possible implication of the events. I will also inform the president of the Istituto Luce Chiara Sbarigia to immediately relieve me of the task of representing the institute she chairs on the board of directors of Cinema di Roma ”.

The letter addressed to the President of Lazio, the Minister of Culture and the Mayor of Rome was published by Bettini as part of a denial sent to the Gazette in relation to an article on the tensions with Gualtieri over the appointments in Rome. “I would like not to be further distracted from my public commitments with discussions that, in their dimension and the absolute indifference I have towards them, do not fall within the current interests of my work”, writes Bettini to the Dem executives. in relation to the reconstruction of the facts and in particular of a meeting of 26 November on the appointments for the cultural institutions of the capital, he speaks of an “impressive distortion of the facts”.

Bettini underlines that he does not want to intervene in any way on the appointments and, with reference to the past, that he “had no role in the fall” of Ignazio Marino. He therefore adds that he never said to “wish the same end for Gualtieri”: “I have spent myself in a completely disinterested way to give Rome a worthy and capable mayor who is doing very well and who enjoys my highest esteem. And that I have repeatedly urged, one can ask him, to mark his authority and autonomy towards everyone ”. Finally, concludes the DEM executive, “the idea that for twenty years he has been deciding on the structures of culture in Rome is simply false”.


Controversial resignation Bettini board Rome Film Fest

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