Roberto Malaspina stabbed in New York: who is the wounded Umbrian – Chronicle

Roberto Malaspina stabbed in New York: who is the wounded Umbrian – Chronicle
Roberto Malaspina stabbed in New York: who is the wounded Umbrian – Chronicle

New York, 4 December 2021 – The injured boy a is from Perugia New York in the same minutes in which the Piedmontese Davide Giri was killed. Roberto Malaspina, 27, was in the Big Apple for a research he was doing at the Columbia University when he was stabbed. Both attacks occurred in Harlem. Cold assault, with people chosen at random by the alleged killer, Vincent Pinkney, 25.

Who would have killed the young Piedmontese first and then lashed out at the 27-year-old Umbrian, who was reached in the abdomen in the back. The boy was taken to the hospital and, despite having lived through minutes of terror, he is now better.

“He’s recovering and he’s in a good mood,” says a friend of Malaspina who went to see the boy, admitted to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital. Arrived in New York on Wednesday for a short break in the Big Apple, while walking along 110th Street, south of Harlem, Malaspina was attacked by the 25-year-old, a member of a gang as reported by the police.

Pinkney was arrested in Central Park. The blade with which the young man allegedly killed Giri and wounded Malaspina was also found. It is a knife fifteen centimeters, generally used in restaurant kitchens.

Both attacks took place on Friday morning around 11. Pinkney, already arrested eleven times in recent years, would have chosen his victims at random. All within walking distance of the entrance to Columbia University, whose campus is now ravaged by the attack. Roberto Malaspina’s father, Corrado, is a retired radiologist, known in the Perugian healthcare world. “My son is fine – he told Corriere dell’Umbria – He was stabbed in the side but did not suffer major injuries”.

The attacker is currently in custody, but on him has not yet been formulated no indictment.

Davide Giri, thirty, was a graduate student at Columbia University. He did not make it: the injuries suffered were too serious.

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