on who “hijacks” his 400 votes, the hypotheses in the field – Libero Quotidiano

on who “hijacks” his 400 votes, the hypotheses in the field – Libero Quotidiano
on who “hijacks” his 400 votes, the hypotheses in the field – Libero Quotidiano

Should it go wrong, Silvio Berlusconi has a plan B. The Forza Italia leader hopes to take the place of Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinale, but could not reach the necessary consents at any vote. According to rumors, the former prime minister would boast 400 supporters in Parliament, not enough to be elected, but still enough to orchestrate the election of the next president of the Republic. This, according to Marco Antonellis its Italy Today, the plan of the Knight. And so Berlusconi would aim to run and win in the first three votes, and then put the mass of votes in his possession at the disposal of a new candidate, starting from the fourth vote.


A result, even if not really hoped for, which would guarantee the Italian leader the definition of true king maker of the Colle. Among the names on which the Knight would be aiming are those of Pier Ferdinando Casini e Giuliano Amato. Even if Berlusconi’s real dream is to see the faithful Gianni Letta on the bench. Berlusconi’s blatant activism, and the first criticisms in the Pd house – explains Antonellis -, “pushed Enrico Letta to put his nose outside the front door, and begin very partial consultations on possible candidates for women in the dem area “. In fact, the endorsement towards Anna Finocchiaro.

All parties know that they are not going anywhere on their own, unless – it is the hope of many – the candidate is not Mario Draghi. A hypothesis that is far from remote. Even if for him “silence is golden”, ambitions are not lacking. And Brussels, which would like him glued to the armchair in Palazzo Chigi, will have to come to terms with it: Draghi could go up to the Quirinale and lead the Italians to an early vote.

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