Green pass on buses: obligation for students confirmed. Sample checks

Green pass on buses: obligation for students confirmed. Sample checks
Green pass on buses: obligation for students confirmed. Sample checks

Rome, December 3, 2021 – December 6 is upon us. And with it the squeeze on Covid certifications. Stay for now the obligation to have a green pass for the students over 12 using i public transport . Confirmation of the provisions of the decree which comes into force from December 6 came at the end of a meeting between the heads of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Transport. Still on the Transport front, a definition of the project is not expected shortly integrate the green pass into the public transport ticket. The intention is to introduce it, but only for electronic tickets or, better, through a special one app. Confirmed the intensification of checks which will be on a sample basis.

Green pass, the new rules

Mandatory green pass for students

After the trade union, even the presidents of the Regions denounce the critical issues of theGreen Pass obligation for access on means of transport for all who have over 12 years of age, starting from 6 December, as required by the Technical Report of the decree law on vaccination obligation published in the Official Gazette no. 282. While a Roma e Milano, local authorities organize themselves with “sample checks, at stops and blitz on board“, the Conference of the Regions believes that the request for a green certificate on buses could cause difficulties in reaching the institutes. “Many students who do not have the green certificate – say the Governors – risk having difficulties in reaching the institutes. It is also necessary to clarify, in the event that the Tpl companies are involved, which are the figures who will have the concrete faculty to raise sanctions “. And many associations agree.
“The obligation of Green Pass on buses – is the request made by Coordination of the school board presidents of Emilia-Romagna, in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Mario Draghi and to Ministers Patrizio Bianchi and Roberto Speranza – it is not applicable to students, which do not fall within the categories for which the vaccine is required by law, and is likely to damage the right to education. Consequentially, the rule must be modified by exempting children from the green pass on public transport or by forcing them to wear one mask Ffp2 on board”.

The initiative is coupled with the appeal of recent days launched by the committees of the National School Network in the presence. In view of the entry into force of the new rules, starting from next Monday, 6 December, the coordination had to “deal with the requests of families regarding the legitimacy or appropriateness of the applicability of the provision to students of all types and levels of school. – report the presidents of the school councils – students from 12 years old, despite being subjects of the vaccination campaign, do not fall into the category of those obliged to take the vaccine. This is because the measures of the Government have chosen to guarantee the right to study of each individual / o student (s) in the national territory, regardless of the health assessments of the families “.

The rule that extends the obligation to have a Green pass also on buses, however, “would oblige all students who daily use public transport to go to school to have the green certification”. “Italian students – agrees Chiara Iannarelli of the parents of Article 26are exempted from the obligation to present the Green pass. Alternative solutions are sought. We evaluate the extension of the Green pass to students to reach school by public transport, an element of discrimination in the right to education, starting with families with more children and those with less wealth “.

“The Regions are right – says Marcello Pacifico, national president of the Anief union – because if the green certificate is deemed necessary, then why does it suddenly become useless to stay still in the classrooms even less than a meter away? We would like the legislator to have a minimum of coherence. We are faced with an obligation, initially surreptitious, which also involving children in the forced implementation of the tampon or the anti Covid vaccine, confirms even more the scarce legitimacy of the provision “.

Transport companies: we will apply the law

But for now there is no signal from the government that it intends to introduce changes and the local public transport companies will adapt. “The application of the gift of the obligation of the green pass for i young people aged 12 to 17 it is a delicate issue – observes the president of T for Bologna, Giuseppina Gualtieri – but if the national standard does not change, we will apply it with sample checks, but it is clear that the sanctioning ownership belongs to the law enforcement agencies, who, as foreseen by the plan of the Prefect of Bologna, will work with our staff “.

“We collaborate with conviction with the prefecture, the police and other local institutions – observes the managing director of Tuscan bus lines, Jean-Luc Laugaa – so that the new legislation on the green pass is also respected on local public transport “.” Our operators and collaborators – he continues – will be present from Monday to give their contribution to the controls, in collaboration with the forces of order and in coordination with the prefecture. We hope that this initiative will help strengthen the embankment against Covid, a commitment that must involve everyone, institutions and companies like ours, but also citizens, with correct behavior on the vehicles, starting with the mask worn on board “.

The controls

“They will have to be further intensified – writes the Chief of Police, Lamberto Giannini, in the circular relating to the decree law with the new anti-covid measures of last November 26, sent to the Quaestors and the police offices – in the days holidays e pre-holidays in urban areas with a greater concentration of commercial establishments and in those characterized by nightlife “. To them” military personnel from the Finance Police and rates of the local police for the aspects of specific competence, with particular regard to public establishments and restaurants. “The circular, relating to the decree law of November 26 with the new containment measures of Covid-19, sent to the prefects, signed by the head of the cabinet of the Viminale, Bruno Frattasi, underlines “the decisive importance of checks on compliance with the new measures”. “The decree – writes Frattasi – establishes that the prefects send the Minister of the Interior a weekly report that gives an account of the results of the activity carried out within their respective competence”, to ensure, “between the center and the territory, a continuous flow of information “.

“We reiterate the need for the State Police and the Carabinieri to direct their respective activities, with the necessary help of the municipal police operators, primarily in the local public transport sector, with regard to both surface lines and those subways, where present “. “On the operational level, it is recommended that the methods of execution of the controls, whose flexibility and adaptability to the various contexts is confirmed by the provision that allows them to be carried out even on a sample basis, do not compromise the need for fluidity of the service, especially in order to avoid , especially in surface local public transport, possible gatherings and possible repercussions of public order “. “In the sector of public establishments and catering, the control activity of the Municipal Police must be considered of certain importance. In order to avoid overlapping with the activities of the other police forces, in particular the Guardia di Finanza, and make more effective and efficient control action, the need is emphasized that the respective services in this area are subject to careful planning ”

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