The ugly Milanese … goes to the cinema – Culture

The ugly Milanese … goes to the cinema – Culture
The ugly Milanese … goes to the cinema – Culture

Milano – “The ugly Milanese” it becomes a movie and arrives at the cinema. “I drop everything and open a chiringuito”, directed by the group of the “Third secret of satire”, the next one arrives in theaters December 7 and was shot between Milan and Sardinia. It certainly represents an important milestone for a project born almost for fun in 2013 on Facebook to make fun of the most industrious city in Italy. In the cast, obviously, “the ugly” Germano Lanzoni with Valerio Airò, Laura Locatelli, Leonardo Uslengo, Paolo Calabresi, Alessandro Betti, Pino and the Antibodies, Benito Urgu, Simonetta Columbu and the extraordinary participation of Claudio Bisio, Favij and Jake La Fury. Germano Lanzoni came to visit us in the editorial office to tell us about this new adventure and talk about Milan and comedy at the time of Covid.

From Facebook, where the success of the “Milanese Imbruttito” was born, to the big screen of the cinema with this new film. What was in between?
“The trait d’union is The Third Secret of Satire, five young people who came out of the Milan film school who made their final thesis on the world of Milanese comedy a few years ago, pitting Zelig, who was already the industry leader. in the city, to a group of irreverent comedians. That group was “Democomica”, which I founded together with Rafael Didoni, to tell the city, laughter, in a different way from what already existed. The founders of the group Facebook “Il milanese imbruttito” were already fans of the Third Secret of Satire and therefore, almost by chance, this character was born. The first experimental video, which was to have only a commercial purpose, we published it in 2014 and since then we have never stopped up to the cinema “.

How much do you feel the responsibility of having become a symbol of Milan?
“It’s actually a shared responsibility, I’m just one of the many who works in the” ugly “project, and if my character likes it it’s only because there are a lot of other people behind me as writers, authors, fellow artists and production who have been able to enhance an idea that the public likes in the best way. On the set of the film, so to speak, there were 70 people who moved around me to give strength to my character. It has always been a team game “.

Your character, however, is now very famous even outside the Milanese borders, what has allowed the “ugly” to become famous throughout Italy?
“Probably the themes so dear to my character (the spasmodic search for increased turnover and beautiful women, ed) are actually also dear to many other Italians and go well beyond the border of the Milan ring road. Basically when anyone goes on vacation and goes to eat by the sea, it is not that he notices the horizon in front of him, the perfumes or the seagulls flying over him. If after 4 minutes the waiter does not arrive to take the order he gets nervous because he is wasting time. And this happens to the Milanese as well as to the Neapolitans and Palermo “.

How much has the pandemic affected your character in these two years?
“The pandemic has greatly influenced me as an actor and the whole project that revolves around my character. If it hadn’t been for Covid 19 there wouldn’t have been this film either because the subject and the script were developed during this period. . Just think that in this period only I have made a book, a record and a film. If I hadn’t been forced to slow down my frenetic pace as an ugly Milanese I would never have been able to do these three things. “

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