at San Siro degrato unacceptable, more vigilance is needed

Friday 3 December 2021 – 9.14 pm

Milan, Lega: unacceptable at San Siro degrato, more vigilance is needed

Bolognini: “Roads reduced to open-air landfills”

Milan, Dec 3 (askanews) – “This morning we verified with our own eyes how degraded and abandoned the streets and squares of the San Siro district are, unfortunately reduced to open-air dumps, where the illegal abandonment of bulky and various kinds of waste now occur daily. It is an unacceptable and shameful situation ”. This was declared by Stefano Bolognini, Provincial Commissioner of Milan of the Lega Salvini Premier, Alessandro Verri, Leader of Lega in the City Council, Samuele Piscina, Municipal Councilor of the League and Francesco Giani, Leader of Lega in Municipality 7, who this morning denounced the situation during a garrison .

“The League – continue the exponents of the Carroccio – has long been asking for greater coverage of the territory, with more traffic police in action, and a significant increase in camera traps to frame the rude people who leave waste on the street. Therefore, there would be solutions, but the municipal administration, no one knows why, does not seem to want to adopt them “.


San Siro degrato unacceptable vigilance needed

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