Nicolò Govoni presents the novel Fortuna

Milano – Thursday 9 December 2021 at 18.00 Spirit de Milan hosts the presentation of the novel Fortuna by Nicolò Govoni. He speaks with the author Enrico Galiano; free admission prior online booking subject to availability, with the obligation of a Green Pass and mask.

Milano – In his most mature and provocative narrative test, Govoni imagines a possible future governed by selfishness and competition, to remember that it is only together, by remaining united, that human beings can truly be saved.

Milano – On the run from a collapsing Europe, Hans, Juju and Nonna face a thousand dangers by posing as a family: an old woman and her grandchildren, actually three strangers who slowly learn to hold hands. When they reach Truva, the City of Hope – a gigantic refugee camp where power is managed by the online platform Fortuna – like all guests, they also receive a curtain and an electronic device. No food or clothes, you have to earn those: everyone is the architect of his own destiny, and in the field, wealth is built by posting. Those who accumulate the most likes and followers have privileged access to humanitarian aid; the less popular are satisfied with crumbs.

While Hans struggles with the ghosts of the past and the cynical Grandmother tries by all means to gain visibility, it is Juju who wonders what sense there is in a world in which one is saved only at the expense of others. A leader spirit and the seeds of revolt are hidden within her, but she will have to learn to believe in herself to raise her voice and find again – for the people of Truva and for that bizarre trio she calls family – the hope that there is still, even here, a bit of humanity.

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